Are you the most interesting man in the world? No? Well, are you at least funny? If you can’t make your girl laugh, you’ve got to face the truth: you’re boring. Together we can solve this.

With this article, I’m going to show just how important laughter is in keeping your girlfriend interested in you and your long distance relationship.

Time to transform yourself from incredibly dull to the most interesting man in HER world.

Why laughter is important in your relationship
We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but what if I told you that it also helps to bring couples closer?

When you’re making her laugh, you break down those awkward barriers and silences that every couple experiences. Your job is to not let things get too tense or hang in the air for too long.

When you make her laugh, you’re making new positive memories for you both and doing so makes her more interested in YOU. We all want to be close to those who can make us laugh. It’s only natural.

But knowing why laughter is so important is only half the battle, you need the know-how too. So here are some awesome tips to help you get her laughing:

4 Easy & natural ways to make her laugh

 • Be Playful

hat-591973_640[1]Playfulness can help lighten things up and restore a sense of connection between you and your special lady. It means to always have a bright happy outlook and to always look on the “funny” side of everything.

One way to be playful is simply to tease her lightly. To do this you have to know her well enough to poke fun at her.  From her obsession with chocolate or shoes to her tendency to be dorky, boyish or boyband obsessed. Poking fun at those little things in a way that doesn’t hurt her is a good way to infuse humor into your conversations in a lighthearted way.

Being playful doesn’t mean just poking fun only at her. It also means you can poke fun at yourself, your mistakes and any weird habits that she knows that you have. You can also poke fun at other people (like when watching a movie or sitting in a café together.) Not only does this help her to smile, but it also shows that you can make light of any situation & of your own mistakes.

 • Pay Attention To What She Thinks Is Funny

grimace-388987_640[1]You’ll instantly know what makes her happy if you pay attention to what she thinks is funny. If you find that she erupts in laughter based on a funny face that you make or a certain phrase that you say –there’s your ammo! Or maybe a particular movie, song or actor is something she finds hilarious. Use that information to fuel your jokes, witty remarks or humorous quips.

Paying attention to the type of humor she likes can be the difference between something she finds brilliant funny and something that completely turns her off.  By listening carefully, you’ll learn what she really cares about, thinks about, and believes in, all important keys for you to unlock what will make her laugh. Just be careful to not overuse this easy ammo –overuse can be just as bad as telling a bad joke and can actually completely ruin the humor of it for her.

 • Be Natural, Don’t Try Too Hard

relaxed-498245_640[1]Don’t “try” to be funny. Trying to hard makes you look desperate and obvious. Sure you want her to like you, but you have to make her laugh in a natural way. The easiest place to start is to know what makes you laugh and go from there! Nothing is more awkward than someone telling a joke that you feel obligated to laugh about. You’ve been in that situation before haven’t you? It’s horrible!

One easy way to be natural is to develop an inside joke together. An inside joke is something that only you and she will understand. Often it’s an experience that can be reduced to only a word or short phrase that reminds you both of a funny incident or amusing story, and is usually guaranteed to generate a smile or laugh from the other person. It’s a naturally easy way to inject humor in your conversation without even trying!

 • Use Fresh Material Or Current Affairs To Your Advantage

cats-558077_640[1]Sometimes just sharing news, photos or quotes that you’ve come across can be enough to induce humor. If you know she has a thing for cats and come across something humorous involving cats, don’t be afraid to share it with her.

It’s always good to be cautious and not spam her with a million things, but sharing the things that you know she will find funny along with things that YOU find funny can really help solidify your relationship with humor.

How do you make your long distance lady laugh from afar?