Long distance relationships confuse a lot of people. They wonder “Why would anyone choose to stay in a relationship that prevents them from fully enjoying someone they love because that person lives hours, continents or miles away?”

Despite several studies marveling at high levels of longevity and happiness among long distance couples, people still cant quite fathom why anyone would choose to be in a relationship like this one. From the outside looking in, it might seem a bit strange to someone who’s never experienced what it’s like to be head over heels for someone so far away.

Scientific studies aside, why do long distance couples choose to stay in LDRs?

What is it that they love about their long distance relationships?

We asked these questions to our featured couples, our subscribers and to our wonderful readers – So here it is, we’ll tell you. Here’s what we all love about our Long Distance Relationships.


It has made us so strong! It has also made us practice the really important things that make a relationship work – communication and trust. It was rocky in the beginning, but working through everything TOGETHER has made us so strong, both individually and as a couple.

– Sarah



As other couples might also say, we love to travel to see each other! The long wait to see each other makes it much more exciting and special when we finally see each other and get to spend time together. It makes you really cherish the time that you get together, and makes it all worth the wait.

– Kristine


I love knowing that our relationship has a strong foundation, has trust and we respect each other enough to listen to what the other wants. I see other people at school together for a week or 2 and then they end it. Knowing that it won’t be like that with me and my s/o makes me love the fact we got to know each other before getting too serious with it.

– Saatvik



Being in an LDR, I’ve learned to plan ahead. I used to be so chaotic, but in a LDR you need to plan ahead! When can we visit again? Where will we be living? When can we actually close the distance? When do we wanna get married? All of these things need to be planned!

– Nennah


We love how much we miss each other, because we know that the distance isn’t pushing us apart but reminding us of how much we want to be together. We also love that we have so many different ways of keeping in touch, discovering new apps and actives is really exciting for us.

– Eileen


I love the fact that, since we are so far away, we appreciate the little things more. A simple compliment or ‘i love you’ means a whole lot to us. Blowing kisses or hugging a computer screen shows how much we wish that is was the other person.

– Ciara


Our entire relationship is based off of wonderful conversations and adorable snapchats, instead of just a physical or sex relationship. Being connected as two souls instead of two bodies… You learn to love the person more than the person’s body.

– Hannah


The things I love the most about this relationship is simply the way we express our feelings to each other. It’s so natural and simple, even if it’s through a screen, or technology.

– Laura


It has definitely let us get to know each other better. We talk a lot more and we talk about much deeper things than we might if we were in a regular relationship. I think it’s nice that the distance also allows us both our independence.

– Cass


I love that we are different than your every day relationship. I have always been a romantic, and this story is right up there with the best of them. Also, I love proving people wrong when they told me it wouldn’t work, because we have overcome so much that nobody thought was possible.

– Olivia


In all honesty, I love the traveling! I think anyone who is in a long distance relationship can understand where I’m coming from. When you’re on that last bit of the journey and you get this huge rush, the butterfly’s really hit you. I love that.

– Carina



I love the sheer fact that we know so much about each other. I love that coming home and talking about our days is enough to make us both happy. Although sometimes it sucks not being able to hug or kiss each other, I love the way it makes us communicate. We spend so much time getting to know each other that I can confidently say he knows more about me than anyone else.

– Julia


I love the excitement just before you see the other person! The build up of it all. I cannot express the feeling I get whilst on the train to meet him, or the moment I wait for him to walk through the doors of the train station. If you’ve all seen Dear John, you can imagine that most perfect moment! That’s mine every time!

– Emma


I love that we’ve grown so strong towards each other. Emotionally and mentally. But also physically. When you don’t see each other as much, the moments when you are together are amazing. The kisses, the cuddles, the holding each other’s hands, dining together, going to sleep and waking up together. Those little things that become normal in a ‘normal’ relationship become something magical and very special in a LDR.

– Davy


Even though we don’t have the ability to be physically together I still feel the closest I’ve ever been to someone. Just seeing his face on Skype light up in amusement when I say something ridiculous or silly brings out the fuzziness in my stomach. – Jane


We have discovered that physical contact is not the most important thing in a relationship, and is actually pretty far down on the list. Some couples never learn this until it is too late, and discover that they really are not that compatible at all. However, we learned just how compatible we really are, and how much each of us truly gets out of the relationship.

– Susan


Being long distance has taught us to not become blinded by physical intimacy because, frankly, it was never an option. We fell in love with each other’s souls, emotions, and opinions rather than bodies or “that thing they do in bed.” We got the chance to become best friends before we even thought about the physical aspect of our relationship.



I never considered being in a long distanced relationship, until I met someone who made all the time, distance, money, and sadness completely and totally worth it. She is my rock and the only reason I love having a long distance relationship is because I love her.

– Cody



Some things I love about being in a long distance relationship is the communication skills. You always have something to talk about and you always have someone there. You get to know your partner in and out, even if you can’t physically be with them.

– Ariel


In an LDR, falling in love, being in love is magnified and intensified. A card in the mail becomes a thing of great value, and a photo gets studied in so much more detail than it would otherwise be. The whole gamut of emotion is intensified, due to the lack of physical comfort.

– Chris


Those are just some thoughts from the thousands of long distance couples out there who feel that their long distance relationships are worth it -despite being hard!

Are you in a long distance relationship? Help us add to our list. What do YOU love about being long distance? Lets’ keep the positivity flowing!