8-signs-youre-in-a-fake-long-distance-relationshipLong distance relationships come in all different sizes and start in so many different ways. Some people meet on Instagram, some grew up together and split to go to college and others meet in other ways.

All of these relationships are totally valid, however long distance relationships that start online do come with a risk that the person you’ve fallen for isn’t exactly who they say they are.

You may be wondering if there’s a way to tell if your online/long distance relationship is real. Well, we can’t be the judge of your relationship, however we can tell you some warning sign’s WE’VE seen that are big red flags for any relationship and HUGE signs that you’re in a Fake Long Distance Relationship.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that relationships are dynamic. So even if your relationship shows one or two of these issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is fake!

Some of these issues may appear and disappear periodically even in a normal relationship because relationships are ever-changing.

But on the flip side, if your relationship fits only 1 or 2 of these signs don’t be so quick to dismiss them because it doesn’t fit them all. Trust your gut! And if you have concerns -talk it out with your spouse.

8 Signs You’re in a Fake Long Distance Relationship

1. They leave unexpectedly, without explanation

Your spouse constantly leaves without explanation. If you’re have a video chat, they suddenly disconnect or if you’re talking on the phone, the line suddenly goes dead. When they do come back, they have either a lame excuse or no excuse at all. And it doesn’t happen just one time, it happens enough for you to notice.

2. They disappear for long periods of time with no contact

They randomly drop off the face of the earth without telling you they were ever leaving. They don’t respond to text messages or phone calls and when they get back, they have no real explanation as to why they left. Things pick back up as if they’d never vanished, but inside something doesn’t feel right about it.

3. They ask you for money or gifts but give nothing in return

Giving is a two-way street, but the person you’re sweet on doesn’t seem to know that. You’re a truly giving person, and there’s no fault in that, but sometimes it would be nice to get something back. They ask for gifts and money as proof of your love, but sometimes you feel just a little used.

4. They refuse to skype, send photos or call you on the phone

You trust your love COMPLETELY and you know they care for you, but lately its been bugging you that they can’t skype or call you on the phone. Sure, they live in depths of a jungle with sketchy internet access, but surely they could manage to send something? Somehow in an age where even villages in 3rd world countries have camera phones from the early 90s, they manage to be the only soul on earth who can’t snap you a photo or mail you a picture.

5. You’ve never met their friends or family

You’ve been dating a while, but still haven’t met anyone in their family. You know of their friends, maybe even know all their names, but aside from your daily talks together and your fervent “I love you”s, you’re not much involved in thier actual life at all. In fact, you may feel like outside of your interactions online, you don’t really have a place in their IRL life.

6. Their friends or family don’t know about you

You have this funny feeling that maybe their family and friends don’t know about you. It might be the way you can barely hear them when you call on the phone, or the fact that you can only video chat under cover of darkness. Or maybe it’s just a hunch, a gut feeling inside. Either way, you feel like you’re a secret but don’t know how to deal with it yet.

7. The same issues never go away

You and your partner both say you would do anything for each other. Because that’s what love is, right? But you start to notice the same issues popping up over and over again. You’ve probably talked about it a million times, but for some reason it’s never resolved between you. You’re starting to realize you’re fighting a losing battle, but maybe the issue isn’t that big of a deal after all?

8. You worry your relationship might be fake

You have a worry, a gut feeling inside, that your relationship might not be exactly what you think it is. You try to talk it out or find a way to bring it up, but somehow you can never quite resolve the feelings. Are you being paranoid? Or maybe your feelings are 100% valid. If your relationship is real, the last thing you’ll do is spend time wondering about it’s validity.

So what’s the verdict? Are you in a Fake Long Distance Relationship?