How To Deal With Long Distance Relationship Critics

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So, you’ve decided that you don’t care if they’re half way across the world or on Mars, your heart has chosen them and you’re going through with this LDR. Okay, congratulations! So, what should you expect now?

Well first, it’s important to realize that some people WILL be happy for you , while some won’t, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s impossible to get everyone’s approval on everything, these things take time. One thing you should know is that well, unfortunately for us, LDR’s don’t particularly have a good success rate! However, statistics are just a number.

Remember: you’re not a case study for people to observe or study, your relationship is entirely your own. You can keep it as private as you want and you don’t have to answer to nobody. With everything though, people ARE entitled to their own opinions, you can’t control or stop it, BUT, you can control how it makes you feel! No one can make you (or your relationship) feel inferior without your consent. Don’t let their opinions affect you!

So what can you do when faced with these people? Our team at ‘Crossing the World’ is possibly veterans on not letting their doubters affect them, trust us when we say that now we don’t even blink at their negative comments!

Be happy and confident!

We’ve come to realize that the key to turning a blind ‘ear’ to all of it is to be happy in your relationship. It may sound silly, but think about it, you’re more likely to let outsider opinions affect you if your relationship isn’t filled with happiness and love!

If you still get butterflies when you see that your partner has messaged you, even if it’s to make you hungry from the yummy food they’re about to eat, or if they can still make you laugh with the same joke they’ve told 234 times, then we’re sure that irrelevant comments won’t break that.

You’re more likely to be affected by their negative comments and doubts if you’re not happy with your relationship! Comments such as ‘I’m sure he’s cheating on you with someone closer’ will only add fuel to the suspicions that you already had.

Understand them!

This will be hard, but try to understand why people are doubting you guys, listen and try and understand their reason before their doubts, especially if they’re someone close to you as they don’t wanna see you hurt.

Remember, despite their doubts, the overall decision on what to do with your life is ultimately YOURS! Never forget that! Some people are out there to make your life miserable, try to eliminate those who are planting seeds of doubt to those who are genuinely concerned for you.

Confide in your partner!

Trust us, our partners have heard it all, from the embarrassing details of what we do when we’re alone at home (don’t hide it,embrace it!), our deepest inner thoughts, what we really think of our friends, all the way to the things that we just can’t share with anybody else.

Since committing yourself to them, you’ve made them the closest people to you. Don’t be afraid to confide in your partner when things are getting you down, be honest and open with them and make sure that you address the issues that you’re worried about or just unhappy with! Sharing a problem really does halve it! They may have a different viewpoint than one you’ve already thought about!

We have a forum, not a candy shop so we won’t sugarcoat this for you; being in an LDR is hard. Trust us, you’ll have times where you’ll wanna throw your laptop against the wall, only to run to it when Skype connects again.

But it isn’t going to be a smooth ride, you’ll have so many roadblocks, but if you have a strong foundation to your relationship and someone who’s willing to hold your hand through it all; you’ll be able to conquer the world. Despite what anyone says, take it from someone’s who’s been in this LDR for 5 YEARS, trust me, it’s possible!

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alex September 24, 2018 - 6:08 pm

we are perfect for each other thats fact, we share ALL, we trust and we planning to meet on dec 2018, but we are struggling mostly me with my family hate and opinion is so negative that sometimes it gets me and made me doubt and im ashame of admitting because my partner and i are very clear and honest about everything!, and my mom simply hates him without meeting himand my mom is important to me, i dont how to deal with it in certain way it just makes me sad, i trust my mom she wants the best for me so it makes me wonder why so worry should i do what she says but my parner is not include in those plans so thats not gonna happen but it worries me, my partner knows everything about this and he is looking forward to meet her but till then i still have fears and doubts

thank you maybe i just need it to share to see if someone out there has been through this particular situation


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