Dear Mind over Miles,

My SO and I are both in college, and we’ve been in an LDR for a month. The semester is ending soon and they’re trying to come up to see me, since I traveled down to see them first. We talk and text constantly, even video call, but this is my first relationship in more than a year. I’m worried they’ll get bored of me (even though they constantly reaffirm it won’t happen) because we’re separated. Any helpful advice?


Dear A,

It sounds to me like your relationship is definitely starting off on the right foot! The biggest things for a successful long distance relationship are to communicate often which you’re already doing and to visit frequently which it sounds like you’re doing since you have a second visit coming up.

Other things that really help to solidify your long distance relationship are to send gifts to one another, to try new activities together, watch videos together online or movies, and maybe find out if you share common interests that you can both participate in while far apart.

I know it can be really intimidating to be in a long-distance relationship especially since this is your first relationship in a year but really it sounds like you’re doing a great job and as long as you are constantly exploring new things together and staying connected your relationship should be fine.

Also for one last tip: communicate often and be open and honest with each other! This will go a long way to preserving your relationship.