Being in a LDR is a challenge. You’re faced with loneliness, sometimes with uncertainty of when you’ll see your SO again – will it be a few weeks or several months? The next best thing in a LDR we can get is the support from friends and family.

LDRs can be lonely

LDRs can be lonely

Not everyone is fortunate enough to say that their parents or brothers and sisters approve of their LDR. Or that their friends believe this is a genuine relationship.

What Can You Do?

If you’re met by resentment or disapproval by your friends and family back home, having other LDR Couples in your support group can be very rewarding. Nobody understands you better, than another couple going through long distance separation too. There are our top 10 benefits to finding other LDR couples:

  1. You have someone who is always willing to listen
  2. They understand exactly how you feel about everything
  3. The don’t doubt your relationship
  4. They can share their own experiences as advice
  5. They have a love/hate relationship with Skype too
  6. You’ll both have interesting travel stores to share
  7. Possibilities LDR double dates
  8. They may be well knowledgeable on traveling deals in areas you aren’t
  9. Someone who can keep you company while your SO is sleeping in a different time zone
  10. Share ideas on how to make coping with the distance easier

How to Find LDR Friends

Blog 2 Image 2 - Share Ideas on How to Make the Distance Easier

Share ideas on how to make the distance easier

Of course, finding other LDR couples can be easier said than done. The first place to look for LDR friendships is within your own network. Try to think of friends, family or even co-workers who are in a similar situation, or have been in the past. Even couples who were once long distance but have managed to close the gap will provide you with some of these benefits.

If you aren’t able to think of anyone immediately close to you who is in a long distance relationship, the next place to search would be online. Join and participate in online communities such as LDR Magazine, LDR Blogs (a long distance relationship blogging community) or LFAD (Loving From a Distance). These places are full of people in similar scenarios, willing and eager to discuss their long distance relationships.

Find friends in person or online

Find friends in person or online

Social networking sites are also a great source of LDR friendships – Twitter & Reddit in particular have a thriving long distance community. Start by simply having a discussion with someone, reply to a tweet and get to know each other. You could end up Skyping or even meeting up in the future.

There are thousands of couples in long distance relationships, and the LDR community is a welcoming place. So, the next time you are feeling alone, or marginalised by close proximity couples try to remember there are others in your situation. And they are most likely experiencing the same things. They want to talk about it too. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. So try and start a LDR friendship, you could be surprised by where it leads.