It’s the big day and your long distance love is on their way to see you. You can hardly contain your excitement as you countdown every minute until their expected arrival time grows nearer and nearer.

If you’re anything like me, the wait can drive you crazy. With every passing moment you’re wondering how close they actually are to being there -maybe even hoping against all odds that their flight arrives earlier than expected.

There’s a lot of stress, excitement and worry that comes with being on the waiting end of the journey. I’ve found two websites that can help you channel some of that nervous energy into something productive -obsessively checking where your partner’s flight is as they make their way to you.

Here’s the low down on these two awesome websites:

Plane Finder


PlaneFinder is a website that lets you track the status and location of just about any airplane in the world, even some commercial flights which are highlighted in orange. You can watch the plane as it flies in real-time towards any destination, and even view a playback on any flights that are not orange.

In addition to the above, Plane finder also gives you:

  • Detailed aircraft information including photographs and drawings
  • Detailed flight information including arrival and destination locations
  • Search by location, flight number, callsign or aircraft registration
  • Share a URL to a plane, a flight or a location
  • Share a plane or flight via twitter or facebook
  • Planefinder Works best in Chrome or Firefox Browsers

If you’d like to use it on the go, so you aren’t constantly glued to your computer screen, Plan finder is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 Devices.

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Flightradar24 is another real-time flight tracking tool that you can use to track flights in your browser.It appears to be more geared towards commercial use and serious hobbyists, but you should still be able to track a flight pretty easily without any problems.

  • Shows detailed flight information such as aircraft pictures, altitude
  • Includes comprehensive guides about the fleets of the world’s airlines.
  • Shows a list of pinned flights & flights in history.
  • It works best with fast web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

The service is available for use on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

We hope these services prove useful to you when the time for a visit arises. Happy Tracking!