Long distance couples have the huge challenge of finding ways to make a large gap of time and space feel like it’s not there. This isn’t easy of course, which means most of the time we have to be creative about staying connected. Texting is fine, but after a while it gets to be just the “way” that you communicate a lot of the time -nothing too special. Emails are functional, but there’s really no spark there! One sweet way to bring some of that “physical” element back into your relationship is through the art of a Handwritten Greeting Card.

There’s nothing more personal and touching than getting a card from your s/o that they hand wrote with words straight from their heart. It’s the ultimate gift and in my experience can even be enough to make a grown man cry (or mildly emotional.)

But what if you’re a busy college student? Or you completely fail at art? Or maybe your handwriting is illegible and you’re just not comfortable writing your thoughts down by hand regardless of how sweet it’s supposed to be. Well, if you’re one of those people we have the perfect solution for you in the form of 5 websites that will mail an ornate Handwritten Greeting Cards or letter from you right to your bae -with no work from you! Let’s go:

 Handwrytten Notes

Type your message into this web site or tap your message on their app and their robots will write out your handwritten note on a card in the handwriting style of your choice! They’ll then mail the card to your recipient. Handwritten Greeting Cards start at $3 and that includes the postage!

Handwrytten - Handwritten Greeting Card Service


Send meaningful and colorful greetings to anyone in the world with Punkpost. They work with artists who will decorate, draw and handwrite a really unique message. You and your handwriting artist make each card a unique work of art. It will make a happy mail moment for you and your recipients.

PunkPost - Handwritten Greeting Card Service

Felt App

Always on your smartphone? Then the Felt App is for you! To use this service, download the app, use your finger or stylus to write a message. You can pick a photo from your photo library to send or select one of their many original card designs for almost any occasion. Handwrite the address and they’ll take care of the rest. Even the envelope is personalized and can be handwritten. The first Handwritten Greeting Card is just $4 to send!

Felt - Handwritten Greeting Card Service


This website offers super high quality cards for pretty much every occasion you can think of! Just pick a card, personalize  and Postable will print, address and mail it for you. You can even upload your own photo if you’re just not feeling the available designs.

Postable - Handwritten Greeting Card Service

Sent Well

Sent-Well makes it easy to send personalized cards with a thoughtful message, without taking time out of your busy day. Pick out the cards that say exactly what you want to say and add a thoughtful note to be written inside your card. Wherever life takes you, Sent-Well can mail a Handwritten Greeting Card to your friends, family and loved ones with just a few simple clicks.

Sent Well - Handwritten Greeting Card Service

Sending a Handwritten Greeting Card can be time consuming, but with these sites and apps it really doesn’t have to be! Give your special someone a gift that they’ll truly remember by sending some handwritten, artfully presented mail. They’ll love you for it!