On September 24th 2011, Jason Min records the two hour drive from his house in New York to his girlfriend’s house in Philadelphia to surprise her with a marriage proposal.

The video is accompanied by two songs he wrote just for her along with cue cards explaining the purpose of the video to her. One of which states “Long Distance Sucks.”

Throughout the 2 hour drive to her house, Jason plants his girlfriend’s favorite flowers alongside the road. Next to each flower he leaves a hand-written note containing a different promise to her, symbolizing his intent to keep those promises. He eventually appears at her doorstep, just as she finishes watching the short film he’s created for her and he proposes to her on one knee.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, stories like this are proof that they really can work out. You just have to keep waiting and trying and fighting for your love! One day you’ll succeed just like this couple did.