In life we face many trials and tests that help define who we are as individuals. In an LDR we face similar tests that help define the strength of our relationship, and both partners as individuals. It’s not easy though dealing with all the obstacles of distance.

Here are 8 quotes that will help you to survive the distance and the many emotions or obstacles you may face through the course of being in your LDR.

When you’re missing your partner


It’s normal to miss some you truly care about. But don’t let the feeling of missing someone keep you down. Each day is one day closer to being with that special someone. Remember that during those times when you miss them so much it hurts.

When you’re feeling lonely without them


Its normal to feel alone sometimes, especially when you partner lives miles away. Just remember that while loneliness is normal, it’s also temporary and doesn’t last forever. You can survive the distance if you remind yourself of this fact.

When making plans together


Breaking promises in an LDR is the surest and fastest way to break down your relationship. If you make plans with one another do your best to keep them. This is one of the best ways to build and establish trust.

When you and your partner are fighting


Don’t let any fights, problems or insecurities that come up blind you to what is really important. Sometimes you may have to concede, or yield to your partner for the sake of peace in your relationship. At the end of the day, what really matters? Being right or being loved?

When you’re angry at one another


It’s normal to become angry with one another, but it’s not normal to let that anger fester and grow into something ugly. The silent treatment is never the answer in a long distance relationship, and you should never allow your anger towards one another to divide you any more than you already are physically. If you let this happen, your relationship will fail.

When feeling tempted or attracted to someone close by


Physical attraction is a natural part of life. As the years pass you will find that you are physically attracted to many many people, but you will also learn that being attracted to someone does not mean that you have to act on that attraction. There’s nothing wrong with admiring the flowers, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated to pick them.

Attraction is common, love of the heart however is far a few and many do not find it.

When Feeling Jealous


Jealousy is a normal part of a relationship. It simply means that you don’t want to lose the person you hold dear. Jealousy becomes a problem when you allow it to overtake your thoughts and affect the way that you interact with or think about your s/o.

Remember: They chose you. Out of all the people in the world, despite all of the distance, trials and inconvenience. Place your security & hope in that fact and your jealousy should never become anything more than just wanting your partner to be yours and only yours forever.

When you feel like giving up


Don’t give up! It’s hard, but you can make it through and one day defy the distance. There are countless stories on this website alone that prove that LDRs do work, and that all of the struggle is worth the reward in the end.

Maybe one day you too will be one of those inspiring stories that gives other couples who are in LDRs the same kind of hope that was once given to you. Until then, just hang on and stay positive. It’s difficult, but not impossible!