Being in a long distance relationship is difficult. There’s always something that isn’t going right, never mind the fact that the person you love is hundreds or thousands of miles away. It’s so easy to focus on the negative aspects of a relationship like this. But what are the positives? Believe it or not, there are lots of perks to being in an LDR -especially for the ladies!

So on that note, here are our top 10 reasons to love being in a long distance relationship.


1. You can be alone and independent

Being in a long distance relationship is kind of like being single, without a few of the perks. Sure you can’t date other people or do other single people things, but you can enjoy a huge amount of independence. You can go where you want, when you want with pretty much whomever you want. You’ll miss it when its gone, so enjoy it!

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2. You don’t have to shave your legs!

Your sweetheart is miles away, which means shaving isn’t all that necessary anymore. Some girls still do it out of habit, but for the lazy among us being in a long distance relationship gives you an extra 15 minutes of freedom!

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3. You never have to worry about bad breath

Dragon breath is a thing of the past. Whether it’s yours or his, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your mornings will be (temporarily) devoid of “the stinks.”

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4. It gives you a creative outlet

Being in a long distance relationship forces you to tap into your creative side. There’s not always a lot of options for LDRs, so anything from gifts, to date ideas to even simply picking a movie to watch together can take a lot of searching, planning and creativity. As a result, your creativity levels get a little boost!

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5. You actually do have the “perfect guy”

Being apart from your partner means you see less of their flaws than an “ordinary” couple might see in one another. Does it mean he won’t ever irritate you? No, not really. But you don’t have to deal with him snoring in bed, or hogging the bathroom or anything of that sort. You’ll spend more time focusing on the positives of your partner rather than the negatives. So, for a while, your guy really can be “perfect” to some degree.

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6. You can talk about your feelings

Apparently, guys never like to talk about their feelings. (???) Being in an LDR presents a different set of circumstances though. One of things you’ll do most together is talk, and talk often. Inevitably you’ll end up talking about things that are personal and sacred to you.

Being in a long distance relationship means that you can get into each other’s minds and hearts in a way that lots of physically close couples could never hope to. So girls, this mean you’ll finally have a guy who’s willing to share his feelings with you. Awesome, right?

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7. You get the whole bed to yourself

Need I say more? You don’t have to worry about “sleeping pretty” or foot slapping your significant other in bed. If you’re a wild and crazy sleeper, you can just let loose. Also, your blankets and pillows are all yours!

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8. Trying an using things you’d probably never otherwise use

Long distance couples have a pretty decent range of apps, websites and products that cater to them and only them. If you weren’t in an LDR you’d probably never use them. So, you get the perk of being in that special group of people who get to try all that awesome stuff!

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9. You have bragging rights & an awesome story to tell

Anytime someone asks if you’re attached, you most likely have a really awesome story to tell. Especially if you’ve already closed the distance. Some long distance couples can be squeamish when it comes to sharing the bits about their relationship, but more often than not people will really admire you for being able to maintain such a difficult relationship. And really, it’s something you should be proud of, so flaunt it!

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10. You have a fairytale ending to look forward to

LDRs are the perfect fairytale. In a society where all relationships start and end in generally the same way, long distance relationships really stand out as different. It has all the elements of a perfect love story and your fairytale ending is when you’re both finally together again. (for good!)

What do you love about your long distance relationship? Tell us in the comments below!