Contrary to what most people may think, there are a lot of ways where long distance relationships actually have the advantage over those couples who live minutes away from each other. And here are some of those advantages:

You have something to fight for.

Most people you meet will tell you that long distance relationships hardly work out. With this in mind, you will feel determined to prove them wrong. In this way, you have something to fight for. Both of you will do everything to keep the love alive, thus making you think of creative ways to make your relationship stronger.

It may sound like a job, but it’s not; having something to fight for makes everything worth it in the end. It would be both of you against the world. The test of distance will only show how much you love the person, but it will show people that your relationship is the exception to the rule.


Deeper conversations and stronger bonds.

Unlike “normal” relationships, you don’t see each other every day. Even though to some this is a disadvantage, it is actually a great thing. Since you’re not clinging onto their arm every moment, you have something to talk about at the end of the day.

You could share each other’s thoughts on things that are happening in your area, and your partner could do the same. It could be hard to run out of things to talk about because both of you don’t see the same things during the day. Slowly both of you could open up to each other, leaning onto one another at the end of every day.


You can save money easier.

Some of us live alone when we’re without our long distance love. Without that special someone close by to spend your money on, you could easily save and buy the things you really want.

Since your salary doesn’t have to go to groceries for two or things like expensive dinner dates, it can be used for other things for yourself. Basically things could be much easier money wise, because you have your own salary and your partner has theirs.


When you’re with them, it’s like seventh heaven.

Whenever the two of you are able to meet, you appreciate every second you have with them. Unlike other couples who see each other every day, both of you value the time you have together. You take special note of the feeling of having your partner with you; cherish the sound of their voice without a device in between; and the way their eyes look without the hazy connection of your internet getting in the way.

Other couples rarely do this, as they know they could meet each other whenever they want. Being in a long distance relationship makes you appreciate your partner the best way you can.


Everything they do for you seems like magic.

Since both of you live afar, being romantic towards each other takes a lot of effort. So when your sweetheart does something for you, even when it’s simply sending you flowers, you appreciate it more. You know they had to go through a lot to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Being in a long distance relationship makes you expect less from your partner. So when they do make an effort, it’s like they did an abracadabra to make their way into your heart. Unlike other couples who expect the other to do something romantic, but get disappointed when their partner doesn’t. At least in an LDR, you expect less, making everything they do like the greatest thing in the world.