Open when letters are probably the sweetest gift anyone could ever give someone. They are easy to make, work great for Best Friends, Special Anniversaries, Graduations, if you’re starting a Long Distance Relationship and many other occasions.

Seeing how useful these letters could be in helping long distance couples stay connected, we created a great big list of 101 Open When letter Topics that you could download and use as inspiration for the subjects of your many letters to the people you care about.

Since publishing that article, our downloadable list of Open When letter Topics has recieved OVER 33,000 DOWNLOADS!

We’ve also received a flood of messages, emails and a few comments offering thanks and asking for letter ideas on a number of additional topics not contained in that first list. Best friends & parents wanted to get in on the open when letter ideas too!

So, to make creating your letters much easier, we’ve created The Ultimate list of 500+ Open When Letter Ideas!


This beautiful printable “Guide” features lovely graphic design elements & categorized “open when” themes. It’s the perfect sidekick for writing amazing “Open When” letters!

Our guide covers over 30 individual subjects & includes open when letter ideas that are categorized for many different kinds of relationships.


The guide also includes several lists of inspirational ideas for what to put inside your open when letters – a frequent request!

500 Open When Topics square

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This guide is downloadable so you can print it out or keep it on your computer and refer to it over and over again. We promise, you’ll get so many uses out of this Guide!

Stop searching for the perfect open when letter ideas; you can find them all right here in this handy guide!