10 Ways to Apologize from a Distance_pinIt is no doubt that distance makes everything just a little bit harder, right? Fights seem to just pop up out of no where because you get stressed about distance. Then you have to think of ways to make things better again, but yet, once again, distance makes that hard too.

There is no just going up to your partner and kissing them on the cheek or tickling them or whatever to make them happy. You have to be creative.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered and did all of the hard thinking for you. Here comes ten unique ways to say, “I’m Sorry” from a distance.


1. Send Your Partner Flowers

A classic, right? The stereotypical, “I messed up, please forgive me” bouquet that arrives at your partner’s work or home. But come on, could you really still be mad after that? Even if you live internationally, you can usually find websites online that allow you to order and pay for them through the computer.

2. Long, Sincere Apologies via Technology

A letter might take too long, but you always have internet! Sending a long text message for your partner to wake up to in the morning is sure to show that you care and are sorry for the mistake you have made. Long messages are nice because it shows that you took the time and effort to fix what was bothering your partner, and that your truly care.

3. Learn a Song for Them

This could work for literally any instrument and still be sweet, or there is always the option of singing as well. But be sure to explain to your partner either before or after the song why you did that for them. They need to know why this particular song is so important, with the fact that it is an apology. If you forget to state that, nothing may change!

4. Surprise them with a Pizza

Call a pizza delivery place close to where your significant other lives and have a pizza delivered to their house! Many times you can pay by credit card over the phone and some places have the option of ordering and paying online! You may even be able to customize or personalize it and ask them to write, “I’m Sorry” or something on the inside of the box.

5. Ask your Significant Other’s Family/Friend/ Roommate for help

Get in contact with someone who has access to your partner’s place. Ask them to help you out by placing a surprise for them on their bed for you. Wire them the money through Paypal, and pick something out for them to buy for you and ask them to leave it on your partner’s bed for you. They will never expect that!

6. Draw them a virtual picture

There are some apps that allow you to draw pictures on your phone or tablet. Draw them something nice (You could even design it like a card!) and send it to them. Apps include, Couple, Notes for iPhone/iPad, or you can draw on snapchat and save the photo to your phone.

7. Plan out a nice speech

This can be scary, but it is one of the easiest and most sincere ways to apologize to anyone. Explain to them what you feel you did wrong, why you did what you did, why you regret it, and finish it off with explaining to your partner how much they mean to you. Reassure them that no matter what, you love them and only them.

You can even have little notes ready use when you speak so you do not forget anything important that you wanted to say. This would mean a lot since it shows how much time and effort you put into your apology and that you really care.

8.  Write a Poem and Recite it to them

Make this as cheesy or as serious as you want and either way it will mean the world to your significant other. Long or short, try to express your feelings about your partner through the poem. If you don’t say that your sorry in the poem be sure to say it after!

Explain that you feel bad for whatever you did and the poem was your attempt to make it up to them. Whether your rhyme two with shoe or write a well thought out haiku, your partner is sure to appreciate the effort you put in for them.

9. Plan a date night over video chat

There are tons of options, but the goal here is to do as you might if you were in person. In person you might take your partner out for a nice dinner to say sorry, so over video chat you can try to do the same. Some options are picking a movie you could watch together, finding games to play together, and more.

10. Take a photo of yourself holding a poster saying, “I’m Sorry”

Surprise your significant other with a photo of you holding paper that says, “I’m Sorry”. Send it to them somehow, there is text messaging obviously. Another cool way is to send it to an account they check frequently but not as often as their text messages such as their email or Facebook messages. This way it is less expected!

do you know of any other unique ways to apologize from a distance? We’d love to hear your ideas!