We hear all too often that long distance relationships are too difficult to survive in the long run. But really if both persons involved in the relationship are strong and committed it can be easy to make your long distance relationship a success.

Long distance relationships are no different from close distance relationships, they both share the same pitfalls and hurdles that every relationship faces. But truthfully maintaining a relationship where the two persons involved are oceans apart can be a little more difficult than average. But don’t mistake difficult for impossible!

Despite this challenge, Many LDR couples are absolutely amazing and are perfect examples of how a relationship should be -whether it’s far apart or together. Both partners actively play a role in keeping the relationship fun and fresh and because of this the relationship thrives.

Are you one of those couples? How can you know if your long-distance relationship is amazingly solid? How can you make sure that your long-distance relationship can be one of those that actually succeeds?

Well, thankfully for you, there are certain guidelines that can help you to gauge if you and your partner share a rocksolid long distance relationship. Reviewing these guidelines for an amazing long distance relationship can help you figure out if your relationship needs more work or if it’s exactly where it should be.

Here are 7 simple guidelines, 7 simple steps that can help you to make sure that your long-distance relationship is rock solid!

1. You Communicate often ☑

Talking to your long-distance partner is like an invisible string that keeps you both threaded together. When you stop communicating often that thread starts to disintegrate and disappear over time. Then instead of being in sync with each other and connected you start to become distant and may not feel the same level of love or trust that you previously felt for each other.

If you are a rock-star couple you will communicate often because you understand that communication is an important key to keeping your long distance relationship healthy and to keep other problems like jealousy, suspicion, and lack of trust from rising up.

2. You communicate well ☑

In a long distance relationship talking is all we really have. We are constantly talking when we text, when we Skype, when we email, and when we are face-to-face. So it’s important that you learn to communicate well and make the most out of the biggest way that you are able to connect.

The best thing you can do to improve your level of communication is to build intimacy. Talk about your day, your dreams, your goals and your aspirations regardless of how mundane they may seem to you. You should also talk about things that bother you, things that make you upset and any issues you may have in the relationship.

If you are a rock-star couple you understand that Good Communication means expressing both the good and the bad things so there are no surprises in your relationship. You also understand that the way in which you communicate directly affects how you both feel about each other.

3. You are honest ☑

Honesty should be number one in your long-distance relationship. Without honesty the entire relationship breaks down. Being honest means that you are open about your life, your friends, other relationships outside of your romantic one, and any compromising situations you may find yourself in. Honesty also means that you keep your promises or appointments with your partner.

If you are a rock-star couple you both understand that honesty is equal to reliability and you know that when you break someone’s trust you can lose it for good and ruin your relationship forever.

4. You spend time together ☑

While you may not be able to physically spend time together couples who are in a good long distance relationship make time to be together in other ways. whether it’s Skype dates, gaming sessions, phone calls or anything else, being able to have fun together and enjoy one another’s company is the glue that will keep your relationship solid.

If you are a rock-star couple you make time to spend together because you understand that making time for each other is an important way to show that your relationship means something special to you both. You also understand that spending time together ensures that you will never get bored of the relationship and that the wedge of distance will never come between you.

5. You do EXTRA special things together ☑

Every couple knows that doing the same things over and over can get boring. So to combat the risk of becoming bored with each other it’s important to change up the activities that you do together and to explore new options for things to do.When you’re comfortable with someone it’s so easy to get into the routine where you do the same things every time you are together, but with distance in the mix you never want to take the chance of your relationship becoming stale and boring.

A rock-star couple tries new things, thinks outside the box and is always looking for opportunities to spice up their love life. They do this because they understand that keeping the relationship exciting keeps the relationship alive.

6. You visit as often as you can ☑

Not all long distance couples have the luxury of visiting each other, but if you do, scheduling visits together should be top priority on your list. Distance can be fun in its own right, but going too long without seeing each other can be risky especially if you have the circumstances to do so. Instead of it being one long stretch of distance you can make it into shorter more bearable ones. And not visiting carries the risk of your partner feeling like you don’t want to see them.

A rock-solid couple knows that visiting each other is crucial to staying connected as a couple and making the long distance times spent apart much more bearable.

7. You have a plan ☑

You may not be able to close the distance in the next two or three months, or even the next few years, but wise couples will still map out a loose plan of how they would like to close the distance even if the plan is not 100% concrete. Having some kind of set in stone blueprint for your relationship and the time you will spend apart gives you both goals to work towards which is always a good thing for any relationship.

A rocksolid couple understands the value of having some kind of plan set in motion so that you always have a goal that you are working towards. This means that the distance is never open ended and if things change your plan of action can be changed as well.

So how did you score? Are you a rock solid rock star couple or do you still have things that you can work on together to become one? If you meet all of the guidelines above then you are on the right track to being a successful long distance relationship love story!