I don’t know about you, but I love sending my long distance boyfriend things in the mail. It keeps my mind off of missing him and gives me something constructive to do instead. Another perk is that he gets something awesome in the mail pretty often that lets him know that I love him.

In the US it pretty reasonable to send snail mail across the country, but if you’re in an international, continent-to-continent long distance relationship postal costs may not be so reasonable. Shipping a large envelope to the UK from the US can cost $13+ depending on how paper heavy it is and how quickly you want it to travel. Bummer.

To add insult to injury, tracking packages sent between countries is all but impossible and if you’ve ever sent a package out internationally it would be surprising if one didn’t get lost here and there.

For those reasons many continent-divided couples rarely send snail mail to each other and at the very least, can’t send special things out to one another as frequently as couples in the same country can. Its no fun to not be able to send sweet things to your partner, but thankfully we live in a modern world with modern conveniences.

If you’re in an international LDR a really great alternative to snail mail is good ol’ email. You can send a sweet, personal email to someone in the same way that you would send snail mail without losing any of the meaning. And if you’re really looking to impress, try out these AMAZING greeting card websites we found just for you! They provide some really quirky, sweet and inventive things you can send to your sweetheart anytime you like -no postage needed!

1. Wrong Cards

wrongcardsWrong cards is a quirky website that offers free e-cards that are are really backwards in a hilarious way. The cards on this website feature a freshness you won’t find anywhere else and since anyone can create a custom card for themselves we can almost guarantee that no 2 cards on the site are alike.

Since their inception in 2008, they’ve expanded and now offer some amazing books of greeting cards you can send as well as digital ones you can have delivered right to your partner’s email. You can even share directly to facebook, twitter or wherever else you both spend your time.  If you and your mate have a quirky sense of humor, you’ll love this site.

someecards2. Some E-cards

Some E-Cards is probably the one site with the most virally shared images ever. If you’ve never seen a Some E-Cards image somewhere, you’re not browsing enough of the internet. This quirky site is right on par with WrongCards with a more sarcastic approach. They have greeting cards for every occasion – from important to utterly pointless, the content of which consists of parodies of the sentiments found in traditional greeting cards.

In a world where e-greeting cards aren’t totally popular, Some E-cards manages to get thousands of share for their smile-worthy images. You can share them anywhere, with anyone which is why we completely love this website. We suggest you visit this site and e-mail a card to friends, family, coworkers, loved ones, liked ones, and anyone else with fingers.

redstamp3. Red Stamp

Red stamp is a card sending website and app suite that works kind of like a handy dandy personal secretary that handles all of your card sending needs.

You can create customizable greeting cards to send via snail mail OR email from the comfort of your computer, cellphone or tablet. Talk about convenience!

There’s tons of ways to customize each card. You can even attach photos to every single greeting in a snap. The cards range from silly to sweet and are a lot more fun than an standard hallmark card.

With Red stamp you can also send greetings for any occasion to facebook, twitter and so on! In a modern age, there’s no single way to let someone how that you care or are thinking about them. Red stamp literally does it all!

4. Card Karma

Card Karma lets you make ecards you’ll actually want to share. The site allows you to create cards from basically any content you find on the internet: youtube videos, flickr images, your own photos & more! Be limited only by your own imagination rather than a small selection of pre-made ecards.

5. From A Birdie

FromABirdie is an amazingly clever website that introduces the concept of group gifting. The website  allows a group of people to write thoughtful and meaningful letters for a single person. They keep the letters and pictures on a private website, so that only the intended recipient can see them. The album is kept as a surprise for the recipient until a specified date, when they send them an email and invite them to retrieve their present.

When they get the digital gift, it’s FULL of heartfelt notes from people who care about the. How AWESOME of a surprise is that!? They can even get the album as pdf  or a real book to preserve it forever.

6. Sincerely

Send thoughtful gifts from your phone! Sincerely is a suite of apps that make it easy for you to send greeting cards & more to the people you care about most. They have several different apps that allow you to post your customized photos and messages to Facebook, send by email, or even send real photos and greetings via snail mail. I highly recommended for a quick, seamless greeting experience!

7. Hazel Mail

Hazel Mail is a greeting card service for the lazy among us. For international couples this service allows anyone anywhere to easily create and mail real postcards online using their own photos in minutes for a much lower cost. With just a click of the button or a tap of the finger, Hazel Mail prints and mails your custom postcards for you! Using Hazelmail is also Earth-friendly. Hazelmail reduces stress on the planet and decreases the carbon footprint by sending cards locally.

8. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a very traditional website, that allows you to add send customized messages and send them via email. If you and your partner love the sweet, sentimental hallmark style cards, this website is best for you. Blue Mountain has all sorts of beautiful, free printable and online cards for birthdays & holidays. Create personalized cards sure to make your loved one’s day.

9. JibJab

JibJab is one of my favorite websites! It lets visitors create video greeting cards with moving persons and bodies that you can add your own face to. If you haven’t tried this out, you’ve got to! After you customize the video greetings you can send them to the recipient to brighten their day.  JibJab has over 900 video and picture eCards for all occasions!

What are your favorite types of  greeting cards websites to send e-greetings to friends and family? Let us know in the comments below!