Getting together with with the people you care about is always a fun time. If you’re like me, you love winding down after a long week of work to an action packed Marvel movie with your bae or bffs. But if you’re far away from the people you usually hangout with, you probably wondering if there is a way to Watch Videos Together Online? The answer is yes!

But who wants to do all that searching to find the perfect one? Fortunately for you, we’ve done the work for you and searched the web to find the best ways to hangout and watch movies or tv together with anyone in the world. From your crazy girl and guy friends to your long distance bae,  you can finally just sit back and relax with the people you care about. No more missing out on those hangout and chill moments that you’d usually take for granted.

Here is a list of our favorite 20 ways to watch Videos Together (especially if you’re in a Long Distance Relationship!)


Watch video together online, in real time as if you were sitting right next to each other. Videos play in sync regardless of where you are in the world. Make the room private to keep creepies out, and invite only you and your friends. Enjoy content from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SoundCloud! (No netflix, sorry!) Webcam is also supported so you can show off that beautiful face while you watch!

> Click Here to Visit Watch2Gether


A wicked cool extension for the Chrome browser, Netflix Party is a super easy way to watch Netflix together with friends. It only requires one user to download the extension and log in to Netflix. Inviting your friends is as simple as sending them link to your party room. And they don’t have to download ANYTHING! The only downsides are that it lacks Webcam functionality, but you can text through chat like it’s 1999. (I just wanna go back!)

> Click Here to Visit Netflix Party



A free Multi-platform software (Windows, iOS & Linux) that syncs videos stored on your computer, with anyone in the world. It’s available in 5 languages and works with virtually every video player out there. The only downside is that unlike the others on our list, to watch anything together you’ll need to have the videos or movies stored on your computer’s hard drive. But once you’re all set up, it’s a simple push of the play button to enjoy!

> Click Here to Visit Syncplay


My Circle TV

Are you a big phone person? Then you’ll probably love this video synching website. My Circle Tv allows you to watch video together & have voice chat while watching videos together. So if you’re camera shy, but have a big booming personality of a voice this is probably a great solution for you! Enjoy your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion together for free.

> Click here to visit My Circle TV


A beautifully simply video watching site for long distance couple, Gaze helps the “stars align” so that you can watch youtube together in real time. The online app is free, is only for 2 persons and doesn’t need to be downloaded. It does require that you enable video and microphone for it work -otherwise it just doesn’t! If you and that far away someone spend a lot of time watching youtube, this site’s got your names written all over it.

> Click here to visit Gaze


Formerly the ever popular Rabbit Video synching service, Kast is a rebirth of that amazing service. Its looks like they’ve implemented a couple of changes (such as introducing a new app and desktop version) but the features remain the same! Kast allows you to watch pretty much anything together seamlessly. It even lets you play games together (or watch each other play games.) Private rooms, web cam functionality and text chat are included features. While rabbit was once an in browser app, Kast is available to download as an app for Windows and iOS.

> Click here to visit Kast

Sync Video

Looking for a more permanent, secure solution to your video syncing woes? Sync Video allows you register and create your own private, permanent, invite-only room. Or, you can just choose to be anonymous too! Not many options in the way of videos to watch, but you can access videos from Youtube and Vimeo together using this website.

> Click here to visit Sync Video


How about meeting in a virtual space, instead of a dumb old internet browser? Plex lets you do that, but providing a virtual space to watch videos together. It’s the perfect use for virtual reality! It’s free to use for your first week and you can invite up to 4 friends. There’s 3 different spaces to explore together and you can customize and play with the scenery. Interact with each environment from throwing popcorn to drawing blinds. Sounds like a blast!

> Click here to visit Plex

Two Seven

Another great pick on our list, is TwoSeven, a simple site that lets you webcam and watch videos together. To use the service you have to login with facebook or google, but after that your’e golden! Kind of minimalist but it works. Less distraction from focusing on that cutie from across the screen.

> Click here to visit Two Seven

Togethr TV

And last, but not least, on our list is Together TV. An online app that lets you watch youtube videos together! It’s pretty quick and easy to use to watch videos together online. Just enter in a link to a youtube video and BAM, you’ve got yourself your own private room. Share the link to invite friends, voice chat while you’re watching or throw it back by using the text chat. You can also stream files directly from your computer by downloading the desktop version of the app. Movie night anyone?

> Click here to Visit Together TV

What websites or other tools do YOU use to watch video with friends or family from afar? We’re always looking to add to this list, so if you have any favorite sites or tools please share them with us down below!