15 Free And Adorable Ideas For Your LDR Countdown

So you’re looking for a way to make your LDR Countdown unforgettable? You’ve come to the right spot! We’ve scoured the web for the very best LDR Countdown ideas that you can use and make yourself!

It can seem like being in a long distance relationship all you do is count down till the next time you get to see the person you love.

You’re counting down to your next visit. You’re counting down until you can close the gap or end the distance. And then maybe you’ll be counting down to your wedding.

Countdowns, while super frustrating because of the wait itself, can be really fun especially when you use the free ideas below to add style to your LDR Countdown

The ideas range from super simple (like envelopes and letters) to a little more complicated (like our favorite diy wooden chalk countdown tutorial!)

Counting down doesn’t have to be stressful, or boring. Spice it up! Make every element of your LDR fun because there’s no reason is shouldn’t be.

15 Free And Adorable Ideas For Your LDR Countdown


1. A Photo Frame Countdown

This is a cute countdown printable, that fits inside of a photo frame. This DIY countdown is printable, so all you need to create it is some some scissors, a frame and yarn or twine. It’s easy and perfect for an LDR Countdown.

2. A Stylish Envelope Countdown

This countdown calendar costs less than $5 to make and takes virtually no time at all. All you need is some adhesive numbers, some envelopes and a base to glue them to. Easy!

3. A Paper Fortune LDR Countdown

This is a really adorable idea. Create a box of paper fortunes with a  special message inside of each one for your love. Make as many fortunes for the number of days you need to countdown – it’s the perfect countdown idea!

4. Count Down To Kisses

This countdown to kisses DIY project is literally perfect for an LDR Countdown because we’re all waiting for the day we can kiss our loved one again. (Or for the first time!)

5. The Date Night Countdown

This Date Night Calendar is a fun way to spice up your LDR Countdown until you get to visit each other again. Instead of freaking out about how close you are to seeing each other, take some of that nervous energy to do an activity together everyday.



6. Take Out Box Countdown

This take out box advent calendar is colorful and fun! It’ll definitely bring a burst of joy to your long distance loved one’s day. Fill with candies, notes, messages and little trinkets so they have a fun surprise to open everyday leading up to the day they get to see you again.

7. Mini Countdown

Take your LDR Countdown to the next level with this countdown idea made from mini envelopes. Its a beautifully simple way to send someone some love as they get ready to visit.

8. A Countdown Calendar

If your countdown spans months instead of days or weeks, try this printable countdown calendar. Customize and send off to your love!

9. LDR Countdown Tracker

All you need to create this printable countdown is a photo frame and some dry erase markers coupled with 3 printable designs for you to use!

10. Chalkboard Countdown Sign

This tutorial will show you how to make a permanent countdown sign. Not only is this good if you’re going to be in a long distance relationship for a while, but it’s also great to use as a wedding countdown once you finally close the gap.


11. Photo Countdown

Here’s a simple countdown you can create with a photo holder, photos and numbers. To customize this even more, write a message on the backs of each number sheet.

12. Countdown Blocks

These countdown calendar blocks are a super easy to make. Make a set for you and a set for your loved one. Make them a matching pair so you can countdown together in style!

13. A Mousetrap Countdown

This unique countdown board uses mousetraps to hold the numbers that countdown for you!

14. A Sweet Chocolate LDR Countdown

Send a kiss a day to your loved one. This idea is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. Plus it gives them a little dose of sweetness everyday.

15. A Kiss A Day Printable Countdown

Use this free printable to send your long distance love some kisses for each day they are away from you. Fill each printable kiss with a message and they can pull one out for everyday they’re away from you.

How do you and your loved ones count down to a visit or special event? If you have any ideas to share, you can do so below!