Are you separated from someone you love? Do your friends, family or significant other live far away from you? More importantly; would you like to be able to do things with those special people despite being so far away from them?

This is a list of over 130 things to do together online: websites, applications, browsers, smartphone/tablet apps and more that will allow you to do things with the people you care about online as if they were right next to you.

Many of these tools implement the use of webcams, text chat, voice chat, screen sharing and even live mouse tracking so that you can really feel connected to the people you care about.

You can talk to them and even see them in real time while browsing the web together, playing a game together, listening to music or just hanging out. Sound awesome? It is! Keep scrolling or click the quick buttons below to view all of the available tools!

List updated 4/26/2015


Watch Videos Together | Sing Together | Listen To Music Together | Listen To Live Radio Together
Write Together | Browse Websites Together | Touch Each Other From Afar | Smell Through The Web
Learn a Language Together | Voice Chat Online | Text Chat Online | Draw Together Live
Exercise Together Online | Take A Guided Tour | Watch The World Together | Track Your Travels
Watch Concerts Live Together | Watch Live TV Together | Take a Class Together in Real Time
Play with Animals Online | Read Books Together | Watch The Sky Together | Watch Live Animals
Share Files in Real Time | Shop Together via Webcam | Learn To Code Together
Practice Coding Together | Make Music Together Online | Take Multiplayer Quizzes Together
Play Games Together Online | Video Chat Together

 Watch Videos Together Online In Real Time

Watching videos together online is an easy, typical way that most in long distance relationships are able to quickly spend time together. Using the services below means that it will take no time at all to grab a show, invite a friend and spend some quality time together no matter where you are. From Netflix to Youtube, just about every video platform you can think of is covered!

TjupGPoRcCxwdT9V[1] 1. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is an awesome website that allows you to watch videos together with your friends. Just create a room and invite your friends by sending them the invitation link. It’s free, requires no registration and it’s great fun!

n9QPiOirb2yDJUp5[1]2. TogetherTube

Watch YouTube Videos! Pick a nickname, room name, and invite your significant other. Be sure to promote them to a moderator so that they can control the player too. (That is unless of course you like to hog the remote!)

iNJ0syI0Qi7yG04S[1]3. InstaSynch

InstaSynch is a place that allows users to watch synchronized videos with each other and chat in real time, fully synchronized! It’s free to use but you must register to create a room. You can watch a channel, or chat without registering.


4. Pluto TV

Pluto.TV offers over 100 channels of the best shows and videos on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. It’s essentially a big giant online cable station that consists of channels of videos gathered from around the web. All the channels are streamed live so you and anyone else can watch them together in real time.

cuvw1vzsFitldkS2[1]5. CyTube

CyTube is a chat website where the server plays links from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion and synchronizes all the viewers to the same point in the video. You must register for a user account to create a channel.


6. My Circle TV

MyCircle TV is a free online service that lets users watch videos across the internet together in real-time sync. Easily create a room from the homepage or through the search function. Invite anyone you want to join the room through social media or a generated link. Chat through the instant messenger or using voip

YJllwqtsK8fjr32p[1]7. Rabbit

Watch your favorite shows with your friends, without being in the same room (or even the same city!). Collaborate with your coworkers when you’re all on the road. The possibilities are endless and it’s totally 100% free! No software or downloads needed.


8. Togethr TV

Together.TV is a website that lets you watch movies online with just about anyone. Creating a room is as simple as pasting a video link of what you’d like to watch and hitting the watch button. No more counting down to hit play guys!

YlMxV8OAUMVdKw45[1]9. Gaze

Being able to watch something together creates a low-pressure environment which is a great way to ease yourself into a natural conversation and share an experience together. Gaze lets you watch videos with people who are far away.

V29nH0jAf8AWXASf[1]10. Sync-Video

Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you? Well, now you can! Watch anything; YouTube videos, Vimeo videos or any mp4/ogv/webm/flv files.

gXZMZdlotJkJQOyv[1]11. ooVoo

Watch youtube videos with a group of friends (up to 12) while video chatting at the same time! Talk about awesome multitasking! Totally free with tons more features!


[ Click Here To Find More Ways to Watch Video Together! ]

 Sing Together Through The Internet

Karaoke anyone? These websites will make singing together a snap. If you and your friend, family member or sweetheart are into singing and dancing and having a generally good time together, you’ll love the websites below!

zlWehi7wnBjazCV7[1]12. Sing! Karaoke App

Sing! Karaoke” is an app that gives users the ability to sing together! While the app’s capabilities don’t allow you to sing in real-time together; It does let you record your singing, then invite another friend to sing together with you -syncing both your performances together. [iOs] [Android]


13. Karaoke Party

Karaoke party lets you record your own renditions of karaoke songs and display or share them publicly for other people to see. What makes this site different is its “Battle” feature, which allows its users to battle out against one another to see who can sing a song best –in real time!

YE3V9AFViToNfJEn[1]14. Karaoke Game

Karaoke is meant to be sociable. Record & share your performance on Facebook, challenge your friends, and rate the best recordings! A cool way to have some singing fun even when far apart!


KBAOXRUOGLm4wu7Y[1]15. KaraokeGarage

KaraokeGarage is an online social singing game (karaoke game) where you can sing along with your favourite song, get scored, share score and challenge friends on your social network. Over all karaokeGarage provides a social singing platform where everyone can sing and have fun.

 Listen To Music Together

Listening to your favorite songs together is a chill way to hangout with someone without actively engaging with them. You can do your usual things like work, chat or eat while still feeling connected to that other person because you’re tuned in to the same sounds together. The websites below make it easier for you to do just that!

huzcLvAO7a5fHW9D[1]16. Wavelength

Wavelength is a shared experience that lets you build playlists in a live chat. Listen to music, watch videos, and socialize together! The idea is simple: invite your friends over, make a shared playlist, listen to music and watch videos together!


Play music and videos with friends and others from around the world. Though registration is required; you can login with Facebook, you can also use Twitter or Google. Next pick a room name and invite your partner through Facebook or Twitter. Then create a playlist and add media via YouTube or SoundCloud.


Be the boss of your music (or videos!) in the cloud. is a website that lets you watch videos or listen to music with anyone at anytime. Host a group of people in a room (which you can customize in lots of different ways!) or go one on one with a special someone.

 Listen To Live Radio Together

If you’re tired of listening to the same songs, or want to get an idea of what the local music sounds like where your sweetheart is in another state or country, the two of you can use the sites below to listen to live radio from all over the world together!

xslL9H0TPU7RTvip[1]19. 8 Tracks

8tracks is internet radio created by people. Stream playlists for any mood or occasion, from every genre and country, delivering the best source for music discovery on the web; No Registration required! A very cool  and easy way to discover new sounds together!

JzH2XkVz2kUKaNMN[1]20. Live 365

At Live 365 you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations featuring online music in every style. Browse their network of 5,000+ stations run by real live broadcasters. You can listen together for free! Download the app or login and listen from your mobile browser.

VUd9gAqPBvYgvz9R[1]21. Streema

Streema is a free online radio tuner to discover, share, and listen to radio stations with your friends. They have lots of Categories to choose from; Talk, News, Hits, Pop and more. Also broadcasts radio stations from many different countries right from your mobile web browser!

 Write Together Online in Real-time

If you and your special someone love to write books, stories or even just study together, the websites below will help you to collaborate and write together in real time without skipping a beat!

Hpqkf7ilhFGiBeKA[1]22. Typewrite

Typewrite is a simple, real-time collaborative writing environment. Are you and a friend both avid writers? Use this service to write and edit together as if you were right there next to each other in real-time. Totally free, just sign up & login!


5RSeRGy2rqEi7rwc[1]23. Write Url

WriteURL is a text editor you can use to write and collaborate with anyone simultaneously. You can write in all languages. Changes to the document are visible to all writers and readers in real-time. All from your browser.


 Browse Websites Together in Real-time

Do you frequent websites like reddit and stumbleupon, swapping website links and content back and forth between you? Cut out the unnecessary link swapping and just browse the web together. The websites below will help you to do this all from the comfort of your browser!

RUwq1gapwp5IQ5vQ[1]24. Same Surf

SameSurf is a free internet sharing device that lets anyone browse websites, shop, watch videos and do other online things with their friends and family in real-time! It is available online as a free web application or as a downloadable web browser that lets you surf and do just about anything with anyone.

ZMpcdrpqTh8Me4ln[1]25. MashMe TV

Mashme is a free video chat tool that you can use in your browser. Talk face to face with up to 10 of your friends, Co browse the internet in real-time, Draw together, work on documents together, watch videos together and more!

1IySJ6x0GdRQt0iz26. Ver.batim

Next on this list is Ve.rbatim. Ve.rbatim allows for you to open a room or session and easily invite others to the webpage you wish to browse together. You can easily navigate pages and watch videos making communication and sharing very easy. And it’s 100% free.

27Fx6trnd3tKLpmN27. Quolony

Quolony is another web-sharing device that features a profile and a friends list so you can personalize your web surfing experience. Quolony also has a text chat communication and a file sharing system, providing a very fluid experience. Do it all from your browser easily!

k2GAqg0f1SEZkNLJ28. Surfly

Surfly is a real­time co-browsing application which works on any website and is incredibly easy to use. Surfly is plugin free, works in your browser and is encrypted which ensures you profile security. Very cool screen sharing for web browsers!

5z43RBIyDaA1wB2Y29. Rounds

Rounds is a video chat application that allows you to play games, watch videos and browse websites together with friends. You can make your own profile, take snapshots and video chat on multiple different platforms.

s5PCjQQZ07mu9LCR30. Twiddla

Twiddla is an easy to use tool that allows you to not only share websites but also to treat the website as your own personal whiteboard. In addition you can create a blank page for you and the others viewing with you to draw on together. No registration is required.

ExT2KoUzAC5UEscW31. We See in Every Direction

With We See In Every Direction, you and up to seven other people can browse the web, chat with one another and even fight for control over where to go if that suits you. There is an option for a more relaxed viewing if fighting for the remote isn’t your thing.

ZQgjiR5V1Ua7mJnD32. Snyaptop

Synaptop is a downloadable application that lets you browse the web, listen to music and watch videos together in real time. Synaptop is a multiplatform program so you can carry around your favorite websites to share with others no matter where you are.

 Touch Each Other From Afar

When you miss the physical touch of that someone far away, try these apps, tools and gadgets! They can’t bring your partner closer, but maybe they can help make it feel like they are. Or at least be mildly entertaining.

46r96eAO942oh1Tp33. Touch Room App

Touch Room is a very simple iOS app that allows you to touch someone for afar. To use it you create a room and send the url to friends via text messaging.



yvJF8BkHA8Wdtzd834. Bond

BOND is a slick bracelet designed to allow it wearers to send tickles to one another from wherever they are -anywhere in the world!



g0KTItdvPZl5HhwT35. TapTap

TapTap is a wristband designed to help you keep in “touch” with your significant other by allowing its wearers to transfer the sensation of touch over long distances. $130 USD for a pair.


pAthfwGdNlbAMZIU36.Couple App

Couple lets you share what they call a Thumbkiss™ through the phone. It’s a quick way to share an intimate moment no matter where you are or how far apart you may be.


MBTQ8TD6SZ5v4XXy37. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a product which connects long distance lovers. Consisting of two wristbands and a smartphone app, it enables couples to connect with each other via their heartbeats.


onshRpyeJ3RoIUsh38. Tactilu

TACTILU is a bracelet capable of transmitting touch between two individuals even when they are miles apart. A work in progress, but definitely something interesting!


zgMjeX4IZXVxvP1T39. Ringu

“Hugging” this ring by one person transmits the touch sense digitally to the other ring which replicates the sensation. Using Bluetooth the ring communicates with your smartphone which transmits the touch message over the internet. Use with the complementary mobile app!

qO7Fq7RvJJfbVEK440. Avocado App

Avocado allows you to send hugs back and forth to one another through your phone. To send a hug, place your device, screen-first, against your heart. The app will buzz and display a message saying that you’ve hugged your partner on the other end.


  Smell Together Through the Internet

Sending scents through the internet is now a reality thanks to these innovative gadgets. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to send food through an internet gadget someday soon too!


41. oPhone

oPhone is a new gadget phone that brings scent to mobile messaging. It comes along with the world’s very first aromatic mobile messaging app, oSnap. Insanely cool, right?! You can send texts, images, and sounds accompanied by magical aromas. oPhones were made available for preorder on June 17, 2014 at $149 USD.

jQmw7kIO7Rayz1VL42. Scentee

Scentee is a device that can be attached to smartphones and used to send smells to friends. Scentee is plugged into the phone and when you receive a message a ‘puff’ of scent is released from a hole on the right-hand side of the connected device. Scentee announced that its worldwide availability on Feb, 2014 for $30 USD.

 Learn a Language Together

wkxHrcuRQ8SXALnO43. Verbling

Verbling is a cool way to take a free, language learning class with a live instructor via webcam. You can join a room with several other users, including friends or family. You get a 1 week free trial, monthly membership after that is $19 USD/month but it’s still very cool if you like learning live together!


44. Cooking Up Culture

You know that feeling when you share a good meal with friends? Satisfaction. happiness. You get that same feeling through Cooking Up Cultures where we use food and cooking to teach languages. Immersion style. Sign up for a class together and dive in! A very very cool concept!

 Voice Chat Online

In an international LDR? Calling rates too high? Maybe these online tools can help you to stay in touch with your partner’s voice without the high cost.


rb62oCFEcHZq3Skn45. Voice Chat API

Voice Chat API is a free, open-source, browser based audio conferencing app that provides Instant Voice Chat. Talk with your teammates, friends, and others at the push of a button.


CyBNiMOTFrVJpEDG46. is a voice-chat website where you create a room, share the link to your friends and they can join your call. That cool part is that they don’t need any plugins or downloads. It just works within your browser. Totally easy, totally free.


72TKHUqSK6kmRdMv47. Vylo

This free web based voice chat system is as easy as clicking to set up a free room and inviting a friend. You can also set up an account for additional features for free. Just log in, share a URL and BAM. You and your teammates are chatting in under 30 seconds. It doesn’t get much quicker than that.


 Text Chat Online

Z454AVYM54bYBhL148. Stinto

Create your own free text chat and invite others to join by sending them a simple link. Your chat is automatically disposed when not in use for some time. Completely free and usable from your browser window without any downloads.



xOMiwqfVwRbkZWEB49. Crypto Cat

Crypto Cat is a secure browser App that lets you Privately Chat with anyone. Crypto Cat is available as a browser application for Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and OSX. Users enter a conversation using a one-time nickname.


7ekJnOfqsAGQvr3m50. ChatStep

Chat step is a minimalistic online browser based group web chatting tool. You can share Youtube videos and images easily, with just a drag and clip feature. No registration is required.



 Draw Together Online

1nQvBgxL2f0RoGyU51. Co Sketch

CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images. Anything you paint will show up for all other users in the room in real time.


I5AMkZbyv2Nr7RTE52. FlockDraw

Flockdraw is a free to use online whiteboard based painting & drawing tool. It makes it easy to draw online free with multiple people for fun or business. You can have unlimited people in a room and the drawing updates in real time.

Xg0EvoJzohTg6HuY53. Anondraw

Anondraw a multiplayer drawing webapp that you can play alone, with friends or with total strangers. Guess what the other players are drawing or draw it yourself. Play as a guest and create a room without ever needing to register!

6CilTp3zTJwWsfeQ54. Guess A Sketch

Guess-a-Sketch is an online multiplayer game of drawing and guessing. One person draws a randomly selected word and the rest try to guess it. The winner is the first to 100 points. You can play on your iPhone or iPad or you can invite Facebook friends to play with you!

2xrhk9iC1DMWCMIU55. iScribble

Scribble is an online art and drawing website where people from all over the world can work on a drawing at the same time. Guests have view only access. Registration allows you to create a private invite only board for you and your other half to draw privately together.

0RezeU9NaWMSDux656. LokLok

LokLok keeps you connected to your closest people throughout the day. Draw on your lock screen and it’ll show up on theirs. When you install the app, it replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can draw and place photos. It’s a really cool way to draw together and feel connected with hardly any effort at all!

 Exercise Together in Real-time

AjnA2IPdw7ohAx9b57. Pow How

Pow How is a service that lets users have professional exercise and wellness session with a professional trainer. Classes can be one-on-one, or users can sign up for group classes with people they know or total strangers. Pricing Varies per class but free classes are available.


58. Wello

Wello is another service that lets you have a one-on-one exercise class with an instructor. You can do it alone, with a group of friends or with one special someone. Prices and instructors vary, so definitely check this one out!


 Take a Guided Tour

lma332CHzFWIE5Th59. Night Walk With Google

Take a beautiful Visual Tour with Google. Explore the sounds, streets and soul of the city through an online guided audio tour!




G0LufS9qcz5j87Ud60. Hamilton Civic Museums

Navigate your way through a rather impressive virtual narrated tour of eight of the Hamilton Civic Museums!





lBiyfGrctwi5t3hI61. Travel By Drone

Discover the world through videos from the perspective of drones! You can even add videos of your own locations to the site.




fftSR4PWTSySXrvG62. Mannerheim

This is a Virtual tour of Finland’s Marshal and sixth president Mannerheim’s Saloon Car. Take a step back in time!




 Watch the World Together

olTD9CksANZMYM2063. Earth Cam

Watch live feeds of different locations around the world. Pretty awesome to look at during special occasions like World Naked Day!



rO2LJYCXIiL8BqYP64. TVN Weather

Remember the movie twister? This website lets you Live stream the dashboards of storm chasers like those guys around the U.S.



 Keep Track of Your Travels

Your partner, friend of family member is coming to see you but you’re all in knots & butterflies because they just haven’t arrived yet! These websites will help you to track down where your guest is and how long it will be before they arrive. Stalking level: ULTIMATE.


HDqo9QKLtco5ZMhu65. Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic provides free real-time information to the public, about ship movements worldwide. Very useful tool if you are a MilSO!



6QtbnTvXHU7eHmyi66. Vessel Finder

Vessel Finder displays real time ship positions and marine traffic. Another great find for MilSO couples or families!



Qf5bNT1f5dOvcdRx67. Ship Finder

Ship Finder is a live vessel tracking and ship tracker that allows you to watch boats, cruise ships and other vessels as they move across the world in real time.



DvFOAPAfRy25YgzQ68. Plane Finder

Plane Finder shows live airplane tracking in the airspace above Europe, USA, Australia and worldwide. It is also available as a mobile app!



uhP69xTel8LJupLo69. Flight Aware

Flight aware also offers live tracking maps, flight status, and airport delays for airline flights. Keep up with your S/O as they make their way to you!



JARlw108ed5A2iAt70. Flight View

Look up the flight status info of any flight in North America and see live flight tracking maps!




BFiYnAhi2nn1NxXm71. Flight Radar 24

Flight Radar is a live flight tracker that shows air traffic in real time. Track your own flights or that of friends and family easily!



  Watch Live Concerts Online

QCG4WQ1XxsqCIDXY72. iRocke

iRocke lets you watch upcoming live shows from venues around the world. From Concerts to performances! It even has a timer on each even to let you know how soon the live event will air.


B2XR73RPMF3xG1Ex73. Concert Window

Concert Window is a LIVE online music venue. Music lovers can enjoy live shows any night and browse a hand-picked selection of shows. Watch a few minutes for free or support the artist by buying a ticket to watch the rest of the live show!


28fCm7pLUQm6GG3474. Mosh Cam

Moshcam professionally films concerts in full HD with high-quality mastered audio, in conjunction with artists and venues around the world, and streams them straight to you, on demand, for free.


 Watch Live Tv Online

Sometimes we just don’t want to have to wait until a tv show or tv movie special is uploaded to the network’s website so that we can watch it together with a friend. Worse yet, your friend many not have that channel wherever they are in the world. These websites however let you watch live tv from anywhere in the world live as it plays from the stations. Never miss a show together ever again!


USTVNOW is a website that allows U.S. users to watch live streaming American television stations online for free! Their free plan includes 6 non-cable TV stations. For 45 days you will be able to enjoy the free service in hi-resolution with access to all the stations. Registration required.

yIAf3ioDARUfv2zN76. Live Tv Café

Live TV Café lets you watch hundreds of live broadcasting TV channels online. There’s lots of channels available; American, French, U.K., and many more! All available to be streamed live in real time.


8QeLIpqoWNcv4erK77. Stream To Watch

With over 300 live streaming channels from over 16 different countries, Streamtowatch is an awesome free resource that you can use to watch live tv from anywhere easily. There’s even a special sports event section if you’re looking to watch a special athletic event.


78. Pluto TV

Pluto.TV offers over 100 channels of the best shows and videos on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. It’s essentially a big giant online cable station that consists of channels of videos gathered from around the web. All the channels are streamed live so you and anyone else can watch them together in real time.

 Take a Class Together in Real-time

Many people take classes together as a way to branch out, discover new things and meet new people. Distance doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same online! These classes can be taken together, with other people or alone (and are pretty darn creative if you ask us!)

641hn1BCiSW8YqmP79. Chef Hangout

At ChefHangout you can learn from chefs all over the world via a Google+ Hangout. Up to 10 people can cook together via webcams. Just pick a meal, sign up for the class to receive an ingredient list, stock your pantry, and prop your web cams in your kitchen to cook with the class when its scheduled. Pricing starts at a reasonable $20 USD per class.

wkxHrcuRQ8SXALnO80. Verbling

Verbling is a cool way to take a free, language learning class with a live instructor via webcam. You can join a room with several other users, including friends or family. You get a 1 week free trial, monthly membership after that is $19 USD/month but it’s still very cool if you like learning live together!


81. Cooking Up Culture

You know that feeling when you share a good meal with friends? Satisfaction. happiness. You get that same feeling through Cooking Up Cultures where we use food and cooking to teach languages. Immersion style. Sign up for a class together and dive in! A very very cool concept!

cCZKqq7plcjPL4fH82. Live Lingua

Take a Mexican Style cooking class and learn some bits of spanish along the way. A fun and non-intimidating way to do something fun together, learn some cool new things together and get some yummy eats! Maybe after the class you can have a private skype date eating the goodies you made together.

 Play with Animals Online in Real-time

kHKr2Ka36FsV3HyP83. iPet Companion

iPet Companion lets you play with real shelter animals (cats & dogs) in real-time online with other players. You and your friend or partner can take turns playing with animals when prompted. To access the rooms, simply click each of the destinations located on the map on the home page. No registration required!

84. Pet Cube

Pet Cube is an adorable little gadget that lets you play with your pet from afar! You can also grant access to the gadget to anyone, including friends and family that live far away. Now your LDR partner can have real-time play sessions with your cat or dog. $150 USD to purchase.


85. Meet Sid

Okay, admittedly this is not an animal. It’s even cooler! -A robot named Sid that you can control remotely with other players around the world. Sid is an up and down project, some there are periods of time when he may not be available to play. But if ever you catch Sid up and running, you’ll have blast together!

 Read Books Together

STgjJZcJA5MZ19qf86. Read Ups

A ReadUp is a social reading experience. Think of it as meeting up inside a book. Create a ReadUp event and invite friends to read with you; sharing comments on paragraphs. It’s free.



39W258xtIyJ9X9cV87. Humble Bundle Books

Humble Bundle Books is a website that offers several different packages of books in a ‘bundle’ for much less than they would cost individually. The best part about it is that you can choose how much you want to pay for the bundle.


NCNjc9OM0YVOre3I88. Book Rix

Read Free Books Online and Download eBooks for Free! Find thousands of books to read online and download free eBooks. Discover and read free books by indie authors as well as tons of classic books.



lXRxGjpAqqdojDlU89. Project Gutenberg

If you haven’t heard of it before, Project Gutenberg is a website that offers over 45,000 free ebooks! Choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them together from your device or online.


3rcIFKppozuLlVUq90. Pixel Of Ink

Pixel of Ink tracks a list of new, free Kindle books that Amazon offers and posts when new ones are added. In addition free books, it also tracks paid books that have gotten much cheaper. If you like reading newer books you’ll love this.


xO6NRUHVh2FmTBK691. Many Books

Many Books Focuses on providing free access to older book titles. It has detailed categories and allows you to select a language and see all the books available in that language.



PuHVOM4uyWP8MVVj92. Read Print

Read thousands of free online books! Read Print lets you Keep track of what you’ve read and what books you’d like to read in the future. Discover new books and get recommendations or Discuss books & join online book clubs & groups together!


 Watch the Sky Together

sunset93. Eternal Sunset

This is a digital replacement for the act of watching the sun set online. Watch live feeds of sunsets as they happen across the world in real time!


94. Eternal-Sunset Live

A Collaborative feed of Instagram pictures that shows only sunsets as they are added, in real time!


TWIN5xVG6dk1riN695. Night Skies Network

Night Skies Network has over 4000 live feeds of the night sky from personal observatories and back yards from across the world. Watch the stars together from home!


 Watch Animals Together Live in Real Time

nWwYzDWLxDU9X1Dq96. Animal Planet Live!

Animal Planet Life features a live feed of the most interesting live animal cameras. This channel is updated weekly and showcases the best of Animal Planet. Watch Kittens, Puppies, Pit Bulls & Parolees, a Sea Lampry, Chipmunks, Hedge Hogs, Bunnies, Several Hawks, Several Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Humans and TONS more!

W0Y9TUumAX4ryovc97. Birch aquarium Kelm Cam

This Live Kelp Cam lets you take a dive without getting wet. Discover leopard sharks, garibaldi, eels, barracuda, giant sea bass, and more within their two-story, 70,000-gallon tank.


xothISIUz7olA8nc98. Decorah Eagle Cam

At this website a 24 hour webcam has been placed so that the world may watch the growth and lives of a family of bald eagles. It aimed directly at the nest, so there’s always something cool to see.


KD9nAHB2iUeyFEZR99. Live Penguin Cam

Watch these penguins swim, flirt and nest on three live webcams. There’s an underwater view, above ground view and a biologists view.



 Share Files in Real-time

F8uugvIVfSmi0fhG100. Volafile

Volafile is a user-friendly service that lets you send files to others in real-time using ‘Rooms’, which are basically chat rooms that allow groups of users to collaboratively upload and download files in real-time.


 Shop Together Online in Real-time

motilo Canvas

101. Motilo

Motilo is a very cool website that allows you to shop with a friend online in real time using built-in Skype-style video calling. You can do many of the same things with Motilo that you’d do on a routine shopping trip with a friend.


rnavs2KT17rIT2LT102. Kaboodle

Kaboodle Together allows friends to hook up via Facebook, Twitter, or email and shop the website together simultaneously, without the need for downloads, plugins, or installs. It uses site-embed technology from Samesurf and requires login to use.


 Learn To code interactively –Together!

6DWHEZIPNHFWTNej103. CodeCademy

Codecademy features a fun interactive way to learn how to code things. You can go through the lessons together or at your own pace. Current classes: HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP and APIs! Totally free!


kB1nXpzZhggKYS52104. Code Avengers

Code Avengers offers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript courses that are carefully designed to entertain you while enhancing your programming skills in a fun and easy way. If you and a partner are into coding, this is definitely something you’ll love to explore together.


 Practice your Coding Together in Real-time

wg61ZzslGWsrU8e3105. Floobits

Floobits lets you code like you’re in the same room. You can share terminals and video chat while you code. New users get one free private workspace for the first week after they sign up but you can also create a room that is publicly viewable for free but only give permission to whomever you want to code along with you.

AV579RAqZJjZsXj4106. Code Share

CodeShare is a real-time browser editor for sharing code with peers. You can both code together simultaneously and chat together as you do so via the in browser video chat feature. Completely free!



 Make Music Together Online

UgyqJKTShEgTgUPx107. Ohm Studio

Ohm studio is a real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. It lets you record tracks and music together at the same time! You can even recruit other people to add to your tracks so that your song will end up being its absolute best. This includes friends and family afar!

LQy3TEntwE97BJS2108. Multiplayer Piano

This website is an online piano that you and anyone else can play together, in real-time. You can’t record tracks, and you can’t save your music but you can have a pretty good time jamming out together!



0sEG0VAX8VT3lLgx109. Plink

Plink is a super addictive, super relaxing online “game” where you can make music with friends or random internet strangers. To make music you click on the soundboard and move your mouse around.



110. Jam With Chrome

Jam with Chrome lets you play virtual instruments with friends. You can pick from a pretty wide selection of instruments and invite up to 3 people to join your Jam session. The instruments can be played with your mouse or keyboard and have “pro” and “easy” versions which vary based on how skilled you are with playing the instruments.

 Take Multiplayer Quizzes & Guess Trivia Together

JPe2YN9gxHlgDCOw111. Trivia Quiz

Guess Trivia together from many different categories: Movies, Music, history, Geography and more! Play together in the same room and try to outscore one another.





rakAw6rqoAI57PfG112. Proto Bowl

Protobowl is a real-time multiplayer quizbowl application. A multi-player session can include dozens of people with instantaneous buzzing and chat. You can invite friends to join you by sharing the URL of your room. No Registration required!


 Play Games Together Online

C1B53SL6YAE12CvN113. Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena is a top down arena brawler where you and up to 3 other people can duke it out to see who can gather the most coins. You do so by breaking open treasure chests that appear randomly on the map and defeating other players as well as the other threats on the variety of maps.


114. Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a Google Chrome 3D multiplayer pong game that uses webcams. It can run in Firefox as well, but runs best when used with the Google Chrome Browser. The object of the game is to knockout your opponents live webcam feed one blow at a time

hjbfdDFImVLVWig5115. Play in Person

Play games with your friends face to face using your webcam! Some of the games included are: Cardtrocity (like cards against humanity), Poker, Crosswords, Connect 5, Chess and Connect 6!


2nW6WNVw0Q9Ab8qi116. Binb

Binb is a real-time, multiplayer, competitive music listening game. All you have to do is to guess the song that is playing to rack up points. Play against friends by joining the same room together!


qFRtZWHMaDJN9HYF117. Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a massively co-op action RPG that drops you into the thick of the fight in a world overwhelmed by monsters and mad gods. It’s free to play and full of action! Registration is required though!


kZjL2HNpvYTETpdR118. Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi is a website that hosts 4 high action, real-time multiplayer games that you can play for free after registering. Games include: SAS 4, BTD Battles, SAS 3, Castle Wars 2 and Counter Snipe.


zKnB9JIyHMDbIkBp119. Portal 2

Portal 2 is first person puzzle game where you manipulate matter through portals to solve increasingly difficult puzzles co-operatively. You can purchase Portal 2 for $20 USD on Steam or Xbox and Playstation Marketplaces.



120. MineCraft

Minecraft is a sandbox indie construction game that allows player to build worlds together. Within the game the possibilities are endless but gameplay can also be enhanced through the use of mods and other addons. You can buy Minecraft for $26.95 USD.


121. Terraria

Terraria is a fantastic casual game, tons of fun to play with friends. It features a cool art style and a fantastic soundtrack. You can purchase the game for $9.99 USD on Steam.



Pb3tM3mxhQkcc5nR122. Bitflop

Bitflop lets you play heads-up poker tournaments with your webcam. Registration is fast and easy and requires no email address. Invite your friends by creating a room and sending them the provided link.



Rw0iO0xgAcSspXrq123. Globulos

Globulos is an online website that offers 20, real-time multiplayer games that you can play with anyone that joins you online. Invite a friend, family, your s/o or anyone to play! No registration is required; you can play as a guest.


KVHTP6k0VXOQq0op124. Maid Marian

Maid Marian features free massive multiplayer online 3D web games. While there are not friendship or pairing capabilities in its 7 games, it’s fairly easy to find whomever it is you’ll be exploring with since you both spawn in at the same location.


ft86cDRbUW4V9yWj125. Fun With Charades

Fun with charades is a website that lets you play charades with friends online with your webcams! Invite your friends to a room, or play with others online. Act out word clues over live online video.


lNSKYugcYI6Fx9Mu126. Tetris Friends

Play head-to-head with a friend in a real-time Tetris battle. Registration is required to compete and befriend a user. Tetris Friends has 11 different variations of Tetris for you to check out!


Ih8rbDF92lhKi6Fg127. Atomic Brawl

Atomic Brawl is a multiplayer game that mixes turn-based tactics with real-time collectable strategy to form an addictive combination of gameplay. You can invite a friend to play with you via email. Registration is required.


RP5xR0jVaXXkI88s128. Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a fun way to improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with typers from around the world. You can compete directly against your friends, earn new cars, track your scores, and so much more after registering.


BHoypNOoNdHWlkNM129. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundles offers both monthly and weekly game packages for your computer. Get multiple Games for much less than they would cost individually by paying whatever you think they’re worth. Sometimes features some epic multiplayer games.


JJ6rV7rOfZawZqxG130. Brick-Force

Brick-Force is a multiplayer sandbox shooter similar to minecraft, where you can build the worlds and maps you’ve always dreamed of, brick by brick. Brick-Force is free to register and play!



5JVVtZz1KdcdP5Ra131. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe is a strategic board game for 2 players. To win the game you must win 3 games of tic tac toe to with the entire game of tic tac toe. Just look at the website, you’ll see what we mean.




 Video Chat Together Online

 BpquoNomKRj3PjyW132. Gruveo

Gruveo is a free way to have Fast & Anonymous Video Calls with anyone anywhere. No software is required to use this and you can make video or voice calls, just by having both parties enter in a predetermined number that you both agree on which will instantly connect you together.

nmB7rChfLRdySVGs133. FaceFlow

Faceflow lets you video chat up to three other friends at the same time, for free. No download! To start using FaceFlow, you only need to sign up and add people into your contact list.



JJEXIfkz5OXQAa3j134. Hutt

Hutt lets you have instant browser based video chat for free, online without any hassle. It’s free to use and requires no login or password.



CHUuoJNexcjLNZDf135. Vline

Vline is a browser operated online video chat application that lets you hold a video chat session for free. You don’t have to register or login by any method. You literally just click go and that’s all there is to it.


KsGKKJOkEl7GZudR136. AirTime

Airtime is a neat website where users can chat, share or post videos and get video reactions about those videos from others in real time! Airtime is integrated with Facebook so anyone who wishes to use the website must have a Facebook account to start!


hXa9XAVV611gEJa1137. Quality Time

Quality time is a suite of tools that allows parents who are far away to connect with their kids in a new way though Skype and Google+! Enjoy eating, playing or story time together during video calls on computers and iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets.


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