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Giant Candies

“All I really need is love, but a little bit of candy now and then doesn’t hurt!” -Charles Schulz

Everyone loves a little dose of sweetness now and then, but these giant goodies are way more than most of us ever expect to get.

What a PERFECT gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or family members. (Kids would LOVE this!)

Instead of giving them an ordinary bouquet of flowers, stuffed plush or some other gift -blow them away with a giant candy bar! They’ll be on a sugar high for days after getting these massively sweet treats from you.

Aside from the fact that it’s giant candy (because that in itself is awesome!) our favorite part of these goodies is actually the reviews that people leave after they’d bought and tried the ginormous treats:

“I suggest you stick the thing in the fridge for a couple of hours & then gnaw on it like a sewer rat. After you’re done you may feel some shame (as well you should), but while you’re eating it there is no greater feeling in the world. “

“Got diabetes after eating this and lost a leg, but it was totally worth it. “

1. 5 LB Hershey’s Bar

This delicious 5 lb milk chocolate bar is truly scrumptious! You’ll have chocolate for days!

2. Giant 5 LB Gummy Bear


Hello big daddy bear! This 5 lb proud papa is pure gummy deliciousness. If you’re a fan of gummy bears, you’ll love every single bite.

3. World’s Giant Reeses Bar


It’s Reese’s! Not just for breakfast, but forever! Sort of. This pair of gigantic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will make the perfect gift for any candy lover!

4. Giant Box of Nerds

giant candy nerdsPig out with this giant box of nerds.

5. Oversized Reese’s Pieces

giant candy reeses piecesEveryone’s favorite peanut butter candy with a crunchy shell is now perfect sized! YUM.

6. Oversized Hershey’s Kiss

giant candy hersheys kissSend someone a big kiss!

7. Takeaway Marshmallow Pizza

giant candy marshmallow pizzaIs there a pizza lover in your life? Send them a giant marshmallow pizza!

8. Giant Gummy Heart

giant candy gummy heartA delicious, life-like gummy heart. Now you can literally send someone your heart! (and they can eat it!)

9. 2 lb Gummy Bear

giant candy 2 lb gummyIf the 5lb gummy bear is too much for you to handle, this 2lb gummy bear is smaller but still large enough to make a big impression!

10. Giant Jawbreaker

giant candy giant jawbreakerThis massive jawbreaker weighs in at 2lbs! It’s enough to make Ed, Edd & Eddy cry.

11. Giant Gummy Brain

giant candy gummy brainGive someone a piece of your mind with this giant gummy brain!

12. Giant TicTacs

giant candy tictacsA giant tic tac box filled with 60 mini boxes. You’ll have fresh breath for days!

13. Giant Snickers

giant candy snickers“Snickers satisfies”, and this will satisfy you and about 5 other people.

14. Giant Chocolate Lips

giant candy giant chocolate lipsRead my lips: you’re going to love all this chocolatey goodness!

15. A Giant Nestle Chunky Bar

Heavenly milk chocolate with a good dose of peanuts and raisins.

16. Giant Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme

This giant milky treat is perfect for sharing, gift-giving and snacking!

17. Giant SweeTARTS

An oversized tangy and deliciously chewy delight!

18. World’s Largest GUMMY WORM

3 lbs and 125 Times BIGGER than your average Gummy Worm!

19. A Giant Tolberone

A 3 foot long Tolberone bar! Caramel, nougat and chocolate wrapped up a delicious package.

Far from drab, these deliciously giant candy bars are a perfect gift for yourself, a far away friend or anyone you really care about -just make sure they share it with you! Have you ever eaten a giant candy? Ever gifted one to a friend? And most importantly, did we miss any? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!