You’re probably looking for a quick, easy DIY LDR gift ideas to give to your long distance loved one. Sure, there’s lots of long distance gifts out there to buy, but you’re trying to save up for that plane ticket to go see them instead. You don’t want to waste that precious cash on a card or silly candle. You want to give your someone something totally special and heartfelt -something you made with your own two hands.

You’ve come to the right place! As a magazine about long distance relationships, we consider ourselves the connoisseurs of  long distance gift ideas and we’ve taken the time to compile 30 DIY LDR Gift ideas that are absolutely PERFECT for long distance couples. I’m sure you’ve seen the kisses in a jar ideas, and the corny but cute long distance hugs, but if you’re looking for some ideas that are REALLY spectacular, keep on browsing.

30 DIY LDR Gift Ideas

diy ldr gift ideas

50 diy ldr gift ideas_11. I have loved You Card

Send your loved one a card that tell show long you’ve loved them! And how long you’ll KEEP on loving them. When you’re far apart, you definitely need that constant reassurance that YES, you love them despite the distance.

2. Origami Kissing Lips

Want to sent your bae a long distance kiss? This is an INCREDIBLY creative way to do so. The lips actually move like they’re kissing you when you open this card. It’ll definitely wow your special someone when they open this baby up.

3. Instagram Photo Box

Did you partner recently say they missed your face? Send them something you already know they will appreciate: your face! This printable box will let you put in a ton of photos.

4. Air Balloon Popup Card

I LOVE this card because the two balloons remind me of how long distance relationships keep us apart, but we’re still connected. It’s easy and free to put together and is ADORABLE.

5. Carton Of Kisses

Send smiles across the miles to that special someone with this free adorable DIY Carton of Long Distance Kisses! They’re easy to assemble and you can write a sweet message inside of each kiss.

50 diy ldr gift ideas_26. A memory jar

Save all the things you want your S/O to hear about later: photos, thoughts, love notes, memories, favorite moments together, etc. Save them all by sticking them in a jar and present it when you’re finally together!

7. A message pillow

Worst thing about distance? Hands down not being able to have someone to hug or hold when you’re done. Give them a little placeholder by sending a message pillow! All it takes is some permanent markers & a pillow.

8. A message frame

How sweet is this! Take a frame, and write everything you love about them on the outer fringes of it with a photo of the two of you together. Totally amazing and one of our favorite DIY LDR Gift Ideas!

9. Couple Pillowcases

Did you know you can make your own couple pillowcases for less than $10? Well you can, and this simple tutorial will show you how!

10. A Candy Gram

Send your loved one a candy-gram using these free printables. Every label has to do with missing someone which is perfect for us in long distance situations!

50 diy ldr gift ideas_311. Thumbprint Necklace

You can make this when you’re together using both your finger prints and make two necklaces out of it. It costs about $5 to make a set of two and is a perfect symbol of how much you love each other.

12. Stamped Washer Necklaces

Maybe you’ve seen those super popular stamped LDR necklaces that everyone seems to have. Now you can make your OWN for about $10 total and 5-10 minutes of your time.

13. Love Coupons

Maybe you can’t do things together now, but that doesn’t mean  you won’t someday. Send your loved one an IOU with these long distance themed love coupons.

14. Long Distance Letters

Send some love and cheer your partner’s way with this specially designed cards and long distance themed stationery kit! Its packed full of cards, envelopes and letter prompts!

15. LDR Greeting Cards

This free printable has 24 FREE LDR greeting cards that you can print out on your own and send to anyone. There’s so many topics there’s no way you’ll be able to send them all!

50 diy ldr gift ideas_416. Framed love message

Create a framed message for your babe by following this tutorial. Its super simple and all you need is a map, paper and a photo frame to make this gift complete. Fill with your favorite ldr quote and you’re done!

17. Heart Clasp Bangle

Love has no distance, knows no distance and can overcome all things. Make this heart bangle necklace and send it to your loved one as a keep sake of how much you love them.

18. Instagram Necklaces

Turn a treasured Instagram photo of you and your partner together into a sweet photo necklaces. Make one for the two of you and wear them close to your hearts.

19. State String Art

Create some custom art of your partner’s state and your state. Make one for you and one for them. All it takes is wood, nails and some string and a hammer. Easy!

20. Wire State Necklace

This state necklace is made out of wire! It’s easy to make but takes a little hand power to get it done. A super cheap easy way to hang your spouse’s state around your neck.

50 diy ldr gift ideas_521. State-2-state necklace

State to state necklaces like this are really popular in the LDR community. Now you can make your own with just a bit of clay for a fraction of the price! Make one for you and one for them.

22. Goldleaf necklace

Make a goldleaf version of the state necklace with just some cardboard and matching chain! Really really pretty to make! You can use this for any state!

23. State Photo Collage

Create a photo collage of you and your best friend, mate or family in the state where that person resides. Save one for yourself in their state and send your state to them with photos collaged onto it.

24. State-2-State pillow

A state to state pillow you can diy that shows how you and you partner are loving each other from afar. A fraction of the price to make it if you have the time!

25. DIY LDR Mugs

Make two mugs with your states or countries connecting by following this easy little tutorial. Believe it or not, all it takes is some permanent markers and an oven!

50 diy ldr gift ideas_626. 365 I love yous

Fill a jar with 365 messages about why you love your special someone and stuff them all into a jar. Nothing fancy, but incredibly sweet. They can pull one out everyday!

27. 365 Love Letters

Love this idea! create 365 love letters and stick them onto a custom calendar. Everyday when they check the date, they can open the mini letter and read their love letter for the day. Super smart!

28. Cookies in a jar

The way to anyone’s heart is through their tummy because everyone loves baked goods. Use a mason jar to perfectly preserve your cookies and this label to make the whole thing cute.

29. Unraveling love note

This clever idea uses a spool for thread and some ribbon or fabric to deliver a message that will roll out as they unravel it from the spool. Simple and easy to make.

30. LDR Post Cards

Send a quick message to your partner with these ldr postcards! Instead of the usual text messages and emails you can send them something even better!

What DIY LDR Gift Ideas do have you to share? What handmade gifts have you given your loved ones from afar? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!