Thanks to Love Inspired Tech’s new “LIT” lights, you and your partner can now have quality Skype sessions, without staring into the grainy abyss of poorly lit, dark faces. And it’s all thanks to an amazing woman with a keen eye for bringing film-quality illumination to LDR couples around the world!

Mariam-LITMeet Mariam Zerehi, the founder of Love Inspired Tech, a BRILLIANT Los Angeles-based brand where film-based lighting meets “modern love” and where video chats NEVER go painfully dark. Now you can Skype at all hours of the day, anytime & anywhere!

Not only is this impressive woman a inspiring force, but she’s a Hollywood Producer, inventress, designer, and fellow long distance lover herself! Why a video chat light? Well, this became the brand’s signature piece due to necessity!

We spent time with Mariam chatting about what inspires her, why she started her company and more. Read on to learn all about this amazing inventress and her groundbreaking product, in her own words.

We’d love to be able to share a little more with our readers about you, tell us about yourself!

My background is in television production. I’ve worked in Hollywood for 10 years—red carpet events, live award show coverage, movie specials, entertainment news. I’ve produced incredible hosts from Joan Rivers to Chris Harrison and they all require impeccable lighting!

LIT is clearly a very unique product that has never been on the market before, what motivated you to create this tool for long distance couples? What was your LIT “light bulb” moment?

I was filming a movie special in London when I met someone I instantly clicked with. We talked about life, love and everything in between. Knowing I was returning home to LA, my new friend asked whether we could video chat.

My immediate reaction was ‘there’s no way someone’s putting a camera in my face without good lighting!’ That was my literal and figurative light bulb moment. I thought, why not take the same lighting I use in television and adapt it into a consumer device that lights you properly while you video chat? That’s how the idea was born. Out of necessity.


Why did you start Love Inspired Tech and what was your biggest Inspiration going forward?

I was inspired by the realization there were countless people around the world who rely on video chat to stay in touch with loved ones. And that I could create a very simple solution to this common problem. You’ll notice the product name “LIT” is also an acronym for my company’s name: Love Inspired Tech. Think about those three words for a second. It’s love inspired. Tech has become a four letter word—something that actually draws people apart. I wanted Love Inspired Tech to facilitate moments of true connection. And I think I’ve achieved that with this product.

Wow, that‘s definitely a beautiful reason to create something in our book. So how does LIT work to improve the quality of a video chat? And what would you say is it’s most valuable feature?

LIT-TabletLIT is versatile and lightweight—it fits on your laptop, tablet or phone. You can even rest it on any surface. And it charges straight into your computer via a USB cord. So you can travel internationally without issue. Plus the combination of the opal diffuser, warm LEDs and an adjustable dimmer really gives you that Hollywood glow.

Definitely loving that portability feature! Aside from just providing amazing, movie quality lighting, how do you hope LIT will help Long distance couples around the world?

So many different people use LIT.  From aspiring YouTubers to celebs who snap selfies—even professionals who need to look their best on video conference.  But what brings me the most joy is knowing the LDR community now has this simple tool that will allow them to look and feel their best while apart from their love.

While developing the product I was in an LDR.  My boyfriend worked in film so he was always traveling, always on set.  And this product was our lifeline.  With LIT we could both look our best between visits.  It’s that little bit of confidence that really makes all the difference when you’re apart.  Just look at the tagline:  ‘Light up.  Look better.  Feel best.’  I promise you will.

Do you have any future plans for LIT and the LDR Community?

I hope through this interview the LDR community understands the Love Inspired Tech story and why I invented this product. Like them, I know how tough it is to be in an LDR. But LIT really is something that can help ease some of that LDR-angst. Together, we can light up the world!

Looking to add more light to your life? (And your video chats!) Be sure to follow Mariam on Instagram for some illuminating updates, buy one of her innovative LITs for you & your partner and check out her giveaway for a chance to win this amazing LIT device for yourself!