things you missout on in a ldr pin1. You’ll miss them before they’ve ever left, each moment pulling you both farther from each other even though you’re still in each one another’s presence.

2. You’ll miss them at 5 am when you shift in your slumber and realize the cold, empty space beside you.

3. You’ll miss them in the empty space of your day, where their laugh or their smile would’ve echoed to bring joy to those quiet moments.

4. You’ll miss them when your fingers ache to touch their face or hold their hands, and your hips ache for their warm embrace.

5. You’ll miss inhaling the scent of them into your lungs along with the husky smell of their cologne or the fragrance of their perfume.

6. You’ll miss their lips pressed against yours and find gloom in the idea that it will be months before you can feel them smile against your lips again.

7. You’ll miss the way you laughed and joked until your bellies hurt and cramped over absolutely nothing.

8. You’ll miss them when they call you just to talk, because hidden in your sweet nothings is the realization that they aren’t beside you.

9. You’ll miss cooking and sharing meals together, even when you’re sharing a meal together on Skype.

10. You’ll miss them when their name glows on your screen to wake you up or say goodnight all because they’re saying hello from far away instead of waking up or winding down beside you.

11. You’ll miss them on those special days, when friends and family gather and you’re only half of a whole because they aren’t there to share it with you.

12. You will miss enjoying the calm silences, enjoying each other’s company instead of the empty spaces and empty moments left behind.

13. You’ll miss them when you walk through town and see the place where you first kissed or the place where you shared your first ice cream cone.

14. You’ll miss them when you should be sleeping, but you know they’ve already gone to bed, miles and miles away.

15. You’ll miss them when your song plays on the radio, or echos through a store as you do those ordinary things you used to do together.

16. You’ll miss their body and the nights you spent in the dark and long for the feel of their skin on yours.

17. You’ll miss the mini adventures and fun you’d have together, vs the adventures you now take on your own.

18. You’ll miss them when you’re driving and your passenger side looks empty without them sitting there beside you

19. You’ll miss them when someone mentions their favorite anything, and it will hit you right in your heart.

20. You’ll miss feeling like you and they are the only ones in the entire world, instead of feeling like the entire world stands between you.