365 Love letters

Send a “book” full of love letters, by giving your s/o a collection of letters you’ve written to them for every day of the year. Including pictures, gifts and other tidbits can only make this gift better.

You can do this for a full year, 6 months, a single month or even just a week. Send it by mail, convert it into a .pdf, have it printed out into a book – there’s endless possibilities for this. It’ll be the best “love letter” they’ve ever gotten.

Super-size it!

Write a giant letter to send by mail, or present them with it the day of your visit. Put it in a giant envelope with a giant stamp. It will show in a big way how massive your love for them actually is.

Video/Audio Letter

There’s nothing quite as lovely as hearing or seeing the person you love when you haven’t seen them in a long time. Just that alone can reduce some people to tears.

Combine that with a video or audio file where you are reading a love letter to your s/o. It might be kinda sappy, but it’s heartfelt. We can almost promise there will be no dry eyes when they receive it.

Songs about her

Compile a list of songs with lyrics that tell exactly how you feel about the special someone. Instead of writing a love letter, write a small note explaining that the lyrics to all of those songs is how you feel for them.

Unscramble My Letter

Make decoding your love letter a challenge. Maybe try writing it in a different language, or writing it so that it has to be reflected in a mirror to read. Put it into a special code, or cut it into squares so it can be reassembled as a jigsaw puzzle.

In spite of the convenience offered by texts, emails, and social media, a handwritten love letter still holds a special kind of meaning that digital means of communication just can’t hold a candle to.

If you use one of our love letter writing ideas, please share your story and any tips or tricks that you used to create a letter to remember.