long distance relationship cards free pin-minWe love sending cards to our long distance sweethearts, maybe you do too! It’s such an easy yet sentimental way to say “I’m thinking about you from x amount of miles away!” And in all honesty we love getting cards from our spouses too!

If you love sending cards to your partner, or are gearing up to send some love themed goodies to them in the future, we have the PERFECT printable long distance relationship cards JUST FOR YOU! A WHOPPING 24 OF THEM for just about every way to say I love you from a distance!

Want to hear the best part? They’re totally FREE!

Scroll down a little more for more pictures and info on how to download these for free!

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Definitely check out their colorful creations below & grab one for yourself or a long distance love!


How often does something you actually WANT come in the mail? If you’re like us you have noticed that these days no one really takes the time to write letters anymore. Thanks to the talented Rae at O.W.L.S. we have 24 BEAUTIFUL printable cards for you to print, cut out, write a sweet message inside and mail to your sweetie!

ldr card free 2

This quick card is the perfect way to let your spouse know that they’re the only one for you! Because Distance is just a number when compared to the MAGNITUDE of your love.

ldr card free 1

These are perfect obviously if you’re in a long distance relationship, but some of these are also AWESOME for the ones who are visiting each other or who have already closed the distance.

ldr card free 3

Send these FREE cards are often as you’d like! Every day, once a week or once a month! you certainly won’t run out of options! These cards are a quick and easy way to keep that spark of romance alive no matter how far apart (or close together) you may be.

ldr card free 4

We know that you can’t wait to get started, so grab your FREE Printable Long Distance Love Cards today!


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