GiftWrapMyFace is the cure for the long distance gifter. When you are loving someone from so far away, it’s easy to run out of colorful and fun ways to say I love you from afar.

If you’re anything like my boyfriend and I, you and your partner have sent more gifts to one another than you can possibly count. We tend to use the same old boring packaging and hardly ever gift wrap the things we send.

The reason we love GiftWrapMyFace so much is because it adds another fun element to sending a package to someone far away that you’ve probably never done before or even knew existed!

Spice up that package by gift-wrapping it with your face -or your partners face, it’ll be a pleasant or interesting surprise. If you and your special someone tend to have a hard time keeping conversation flowing, this is definitely a really great conversation piece to break that awkward silence.

GiftWrapMyFace has TONS of gift wrap design options that you can choose from. Some of our favorites for long distance couples can be found in the LOVE category on the website.

I’m partial to the “will you marry me” design, I think it’s incredibly sweet when the time for that comes. Or even to use as a gift after a proposal.

GiftWrapMyFace has tons of other designs for pretty much every occasion you can think of! They even have a special design section for your pets, if you and your partner are big animal lovers.

Be sure to head over to the website to check it out if you’re looking for something new and exciting to add to your next long distance care package. Visit