OpenWhenTopicsForDeploymentHaving a family member far away from you for an extended period of time is always hard. Deployment, however, can be even harder -especially if you haven’t ever experienced it before.

Military deployment is a trying time for families. There’s fear, loneliness and the day to day worry that the person you love is going to be okay without you. There’s also the concern that they’ll be just as worried about you while they’re away.

There’s no way to get rid of those fears entirely, but open when letters are a great idea to help make things just a bit easier. They help you to share special moments and get through tough times together and let you you almost be there with them even when you can’t.

If you’re experiencing deployment with your partner, these 90+ open when topics for deployment will help set you off on the right path to creating a really special and thoughtful gift for your military spouse.

1. You’ve been deployed for a week.
2. You’ve been deployed for 30 days.
3. You’re halfway through with deployment.
4. You’re in the last month of your deployment.
5. You’re on the plane/boat home.
6. You’ve forgotten what I smell like.
7. We’ve said goodbye.
8. It’s 30 days since we said goodbye.
9. You’ve forgotten what i smell like.
10. You feel really far away.
11. You feel alone.
12. You feel lonely.
13. You want to talk to be but you can’t.
14. You’re ready to give up.
15. You miss your friends.
16. You miss your family.
17. You miss the kids.
18. You miss me.
19. You’re homesick.
20. You’re feeling naughty.
21. You’re feeling romantic.
22. You miss your hometown.
23. You miss [insert country].
24. We haven’t been able to talk in a while.
25. Your deployment is almost over.
26. You’ve accomplished something big.
27. You’re feeling down.
28. You need a kiss.
29. You need a hug.
30. You need strength.
31. It’s our anniversary.
32. You want to hold my hand.
33. You’re getting sick.
34. You’re missing your pet(s).
35. You need to be complimented.
36. You miss being together.
37. You want to know what’s going on back home.
38. You want a note from the kid(s).
39. You feel your environment wearing on you.
40. The deployment seems to go on forever.
41. You feel unloved.
42. It’s [insert event/day].
43. You need to know how proud i am of you.
44. You need support.
45. You’re coming home.
46. You’re feeling under the weather.
47. You need to know how much i love you.
48. You want to walk down memory lane.
49. You feel like a hero.
50. You feel worthless.




We’d LOVE to see what you’ve done with these topics and how you’ve used them to create your very own open when letters for your deployed (or non-deployed) spouse! Share them with us on instagram by tagging @ldrmagazine!