All relationships hit the occasional roadblock. And sometimes we may even cause an argument from which our relationship barely recovers. Whether with words or actions, if you have hurt your SO emotionally, follow these steps for rebuilding your relationship back to a place of happiness and love.

  1. Be honest.

…with yourself and with your partner. Take enough time to consider the circumstances all on your own. Leave your mind open; fully absorb the cause of the argument.

When you and your partner decide to move forward, be sure to communicate your feelings fully. If you’re feeling off about something, let your partner know. Communication really is the key to a healthy relationship.

  1. Breathe.

For some this may mean taking a short breather from the relationship. For others it may mean simply taking a deep breath before speaking. In any case, if the subject – or any other argument for that matter – comes up again, don’t just throw out the first words that come to your mind. Stay calm and try to think rationally first; you don’t want a few silly words to come between you and the one you love.

  1. Focus on the good.

Especially after you’ve hurt your partner in the past, remind your SO how much the relationship means to you and try to always keep on the positive side. It’s important to often reassure each other of your love when things get rocky.

  1. Look forward.

Once you and your SO have decided to move on from the argument, try your hardest not to bring up the cause of the feud thereafter. Keep looking toward the future and do your best to forget the old drama.

The two of you both decided to remain in the relationship, and that alone means a lot. As cliché as it may sound, always keeping on the sunny side is your best bet in making each day after an argument better than the last.