Until the distance is closed, being in a LDR forces us to travel at some point during our relationship. You want to see your partner? You need to consider the routes to take in order to get you there. Will you go by bus? Will you drive your own car? Is it easier to take the train or purchase an airline ticket? For some of us there are greater distances to cover, but in the end we all have to migrate to get to our final destination.

Delayed Flights Can Ruin Even The Best Laid Plan

Delayed Flights Can Ruin Even The Best Laid Plan

You can be the best at planning, but life can still get in the way. Illnesses can come out of nowhere, work can hold you back, and traffic can wreck even the best laid plans.

And, even worse, you can’t predict when these events are going to occur. These are our top five tips on what to do when your long distance travel plans go wrong!

1. First and foremost, get travellers insurance. This needs to be arranged before you leave so make sure you sort this out right away. Search online and see which insurance group provides you with the best coverage you need. We would highly recommend that the insurance provider can be reached 24 hours a day by assistance hotlines. Closing hours and different time zones can be very tricky otherwise!

The coverage is up to you. Depending on what you select can increase or reduce your prices, but it’s always worth the purchase. Whichever Insurance provider you select double check that you are covered for the following at the very least:

  • Trip Cancellation Protection
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Baggage Coverage
  • Baggage Delay Coverage
  • Missed Connection Coverage


2. Know your resources. This will really help you when something goes awry. Call your insurance provider if you have one, and follow their directions. If you haven’t insured your travel then go through your itinerary and contact all of your connections. Without any insurance to cover you, the chances are that you will pay for fines and fees out of your own pocket. This is where knowing your resources becomes vital. Whether its cash in a savings account or in your wallet, a credit card, family or friends within the surrounding area, make sure you have methods to access some of these resources during your travel.

3. Make sure you notify your LDR partner right away. Obviously dealing with the emergency comes first, but you must contact your partner as well. This is not just a courtesy, but remember that they are waiting for you on the other side so may have the resources as well to aid you.

Be Sure To Contact Your Partner However You Can

Be Sure To Contact Your Partner However You Can

Staying in contact with your partner will also provide you with much needed support during this stressful time. When travel plans go wrong and you’re left feeling stranded it’s usually hard to stay positive about the journey you’re trying to complete. Talking to your partner can help you stay strong, and keep you on your journey.

This can also be an opportunity to reflect together if it’s wise to continue forwards with this trip. Maybe for some it’s better to postpone and try again. But this is something you would come to terms with together.

4. Can you amend any of your trip? Some of your reservations may be amendable for further dates or times. This is usually the next best option for some, if you decide to continue forward with your travels. This is something you or your partner can do while the other resolves another portion of the travel plans. The quicker you reschedule, the more at ease you’ll be.

5. Don’t panic! Remember life happens. Nothing will always go as planned. Stressing out and breaking down will only put your mind in a frenzy. Take a deep breath and stay in control. Everyone in their lifetime will experience a similar situation, with travel plans unexpectedly changing. Remind yourself why you made plans to travel in the first place.

Stay Calm, Even If You Feel Stranded

Stay Calm, Even If You Feel Stranded

Communicate with your partner and allow them the opportunity to calm you down. If it helps, take a seat in a secluded area and set out a plan of action. Go to the bathroom if you don’t like to cry in front of people but you know you really need to let the tears go, because during travel you have no personal space. Keeping yourself calm can help you resolve the issue without letting your emotions get in the way.

Just remember that travelling to see your LDR partner will always come with a risk, whether they live 10 miles away or 1000. Knowing how to quickly reschedule or use other options during a travel crisis will make or break you during these dark times.

This doesn’t mean you can’t see your partner, although yes it does take away some of your valuable time that could be spent with them. But if they’re worth it, you’ll find a way to do anything just to be together. Following these tips will help get you into your partner’s arms in no time.

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