Sometimes it feels like long distance relationships are composed of 2 moments: The time you spend together and the time you spend waiting for the time you’ll spend together.

[bctt tweet=”LDRs are made of 2 moments: time spent together and time you spend waiting for the time you’ll spend together.”]

It’s hard. It’s frustrating. All that waiting can consume so much time, fuel so many emotions and drain so much of your energy. Not to mention waiting takes FOREVER and there’s seemingly no way to really pass the time between visits fast enough. Or is there?

Okay, we can’t technically promise that these things will cut your waiting time between visits in half, BUT if you put the following tips into practice it WILL make the time you spend waiting for the time you’ll get to spend together a million times more fun, exciting and bearable! Not to mention it’ll bring you both so much closer together.

1. Find things to do together online

Most likely, the world wide web is how you and your sweetheart stay connected. Its how most people stay connected these days after all. So use that tool to your advantage by finding ways to do things together online.

We’ve taken the time to create a huge list of over 130 things that you can do together with friends, family or your lover -in real time. If you’re hard up for ideas on what to do together, this list is the longest on the web – there’s no way you won’t find something you both can enjoy together!

2. Create a Hobby that you can enjoy together

A hobby is a great way to connect. Sharing a hobby helps you both to develop something you’re passionate about together. It can be something as challenging as building a website to something as casual as solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku challenges.

Having something you both enjoy doing together helps pass the time by providing something to talk about, something to do and something to focus on instead of the long wait ahead of you.

letter3. Write weekly love notes or love letters

Love notes are a timeless way to show someone you care. But writing them is a great way to pass the time. Creating a list of thoughts you’d like to turn into a letters can become a great hobby and a wonderful way to make your special someone fall even more in love with you.

What’s more, when your other half reads the letters you’ve written them, every word read in every letter is one less moment spent despairing over missing you or obsessing over the time left before they can hold you again.

4. Make your phone calls more intimate

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing the sweet sultry voice of your long distance babe. Why not take your phone calls up a notch by making them a little more intimate and exciting.

Introduce new topics into your phone calls, from the sexiest of conversations to the scariest and more intimate of discussions. Don’t know what to talk about? You should definitely check out our list of conversational topics for long distance couples to give you a jump start!

5. Do something Sweet and Unexpected

Surprise your spouse with something unexpected. LDRs often lack that element of surprise because we spend so much time planning and keeping schedules and trying hard to just stay connected.

But sometimes if you want to pull off something amazing, you have to make the time to surprise and wow your partner! From surprise pizza deliveries to a handmade customized gift from an Etsy artist, to a blooming bouquet picked especially for them -never be afraid to insert that element of surprise into your relationship!

Surprises won’t make the time necessarily fly by, but we promise they will make the time spent apart so much better and bring a sweet smile to your partner’s face.

skypedate6. Arrange for a Long Distance Date Night

Date nights give us something to look forward to. In life there are short term goals and long term goals. Think of date nights as little short mini goals that you can each look forward to, instead of the months or years of distance ahead of you.

Giving your mind something else to look forward to, something that occurs sooner than say the goal of closing the distance, will push the long term goal from you mind temporarily. This practice allows you to enjoy the little short moments leading up to the ultimate goal, rather than focusing on how huge the final goal itself is. Brilliant isn’ t it!

7. Make your countdowns fun and creative!

Turn the countdown into something special. There’s so many ways to countdown to a visit these days! There’s all kinds of phone apps and printables that you can use to make counting down less of a negative experience and more of a positive one.

You should definitely try downloading our countdown calendar or using our unique LDR countdown trackers to bring a touch of color and optimism to your countdown!

8. Make a mix CD or playlist for different scenarios

Ever heard of open when letters? Its a series of letters you make and give to someone special. Each envelope has a theme like “open when you’re sad” or “open when you miss me” that the recipient can only open when they are feeling exactly that way.

You can do the same thing with music by building a series of mix CDs or playlists based on certain moods or tones you know that your partner will experience throughout your long distance journey. “Listen to these songs when you feel like the distance is too much” or “Listen to this when you’re really missing me” can be absolutely perfect when your partner is feeling very down about anything pertaining to your LDR.

the-bucket-list9. Make a bucket list of things you’ll do together

Instead of being sad about the distance, build up a list of things you can do once you’re finally together. Spending time building new goals to meet together once you close the distance is one of the best ways to take the negativity of the wait and transform it into something you happily and eagerly anticipate together!

So, as you can see, there’s many ways to pass the time while apart. how you deal with the time between visits depends entirely on your own will and inventiveness. Finding ways to distract your mind from the length of time remaining is the #1 best way to make the time much easier to swallow.

How do you pass the time between your long distance visits?