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If you’re here, you’re looking for ways to prank someone from far away. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 50 ldr pranks that you can play on anyone no matter where you are.  These pranks will work best if the person doesn’t know its coming, which means you can pull these off any time of year! Some of the pranks we found are cute and sweet while others are a little dirty and mean. Take your pick!

Just remember that what’s funny to you could be really horrifying for another person, so use discretion and know when to stop pranking or when a prank might be a little too much. Also be prepared for some backlash because odds are they’re going to get you back one way or another.

40 Hilarious LDR Pranks

40 Hilarious LDR Pranks

1. Fake a prank

Tell the prankee that you’re going to play a prank on them today. Maybe even send them a cryptic message with your intent. Then, never do anything at all. They’ll be on their guard all day long waiting for something that’s never going to happen.

2. Get a tattoo

If this will surprise the other person (some people won’t be surprised) pretend to get a tattoo of their face on your arm, or something wildly similar. You can get a custom temporary tattoo from Stray Tats if you don’t have the skills to make a realistic looking tattoo yourself.

3. Grow a Boy/Girlfriend

Send your girl or guy a placeholder for the day, a little boyfriend or girlfriend that will inflate when placed in water. Don’t talk to them all day and tell them their new boyfriend will take care of their needs for the day. Then, reward them with a second gift at the end of the day.

4. Send a Turtle

With Turtlecalls, you can have someone call and pretend to be a turtle for up to two minutes. For a few extra bucks they’ll send you the recording so you can hear how confused the other person truly was. To make this even better, send the a turtle in the mail on the same day. They’ll have no idea why they’re got it until they get the call!

5. Reverse Prank Calls

Prankdial will send a prank call to anyone and you can actually send up to 2 FREE prank calls a day. There are hundreds of scenarios to choose from and even the ability to have someone prank another person in their native language.

6. Glitter Bomb

Okay, these can be either really evil or really sweet, but a glitter bomb is one of the best pranks out there. This service will mail a bomb in a card to your victim of choice and when they open it -poof! Glitter everywhere.

7. A never ending song

Remember that song that never ends? Now you can send one to anyone anywhere, in the form of a musical card that literally will never stop playing. Most musical cards stop when you close them, but this one will never stop. Never.

8. Dirty Rotten Flowers

Ahh, every girl loves to get flowers. Its a symbol of love and caring -but not these kinds of flowers. Dirty rotten flowers will deliver wilting, half-dead flowers to anyone you want. Talk about a surprise!

9. Send some comedy

If you’re a nice pranker, then comedy calls is your best bet. It will call your friend’s phone and delve up some hilarious pranking antics just for you. They won’t know what hit them.

10. Cat Facts

Send your friend some cat facts, up to 5 free ones, using this service. Everyone loves cats, right? Still, too muhc of a good thing can seriously annoy you! You can also send dog and sloth facts, if you wish.

11. Nyan Everything

Nyan it is an oldie, but goodie that will add nyan cat to any page you like. They you can send that link to a friend to make their lives a nyan nightmare. Subtle, but fun!

12. A potato

Who doesn’t love potatos!? Every one loves potatos and so for this reason, this prank isn’t a prank-prank, its more of a interesting greeting card. This service will mail a potato to anyone for literally no reason at all. But do you really need a reason for potatos?

13. Send Poop

Okay, this is gross, but whatever floats your boat. I Poop You will mail someone the poop of your choice. you can pick from cow poop, goat poop, chicken poop, pig poop and horse poop. Interesting.

14. A box of Nothing

Tell you partner you’re shipping the a big surprise! And then, when they get the box and open it up -it’s literally nothing. A cruel surprise but an awesome prank! You can also ship and empty envelope using this service, but then again you could do that yourself.

15. Prank Candles

These candles start off smelling amazing, like apple pie or baby powder, but the more they burn the worse they start to smell and your friend will have no idea where the smell is coming from. Ingenious.

16. Send some sand

Who doesn’t love the beach? No one, thats who. Now you can send the gift of a box of sand to that special someone. When they open the box, sand will spill out everywhere that they’ve open the box. Sand on the floor, sand in your hair, sand sand everywhere!

17. Worlds Largest Coffee cup

Buy this baby and DIY it with some sharpies with the words or quote of your choice and send it to your partner. Make them open the package when you skype so you can see their reaction when they get this GIANT cup.

18. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillows

We doubt anyone would buy these seriously, but they make an awesome prank. Send your girl or guy a life size pillow to cuddle. One complete with abs and the other complete with sexy lady legs.

19. Money soap

Send your friend some cash for graduation or just because, only make it a little more difficult to get at: encase it in a bar of soap. They’ll have a hard time figuring out how to get it out without damaging the money itself. Raise the stakes by making it a high value bill so they’ll REALLY want to get it out.

20. Send them to the future

This website fabricates news articles from the future. With some creative thinking, a really gullible target, maybe you can fool a friend into believing these articles are real.

21. Trypophobia Mail

Trypophobia is the feat of clusters of holes. However anyone can be freaked out by this if done right. Scare someone today with horrifying, night-mare inducing photos of faces with clusters of holes on them shipped right to their door. Eugh.

22. Send some snow

This could either be someone’s happiest moment ever, or worst nightmare. Ship someone a box of snow! Each box is sealed with heavy duty packing tape and placed into a corrugated outer shell.  Once packed, they’ll ship directly to you, your family, or friends via FedEx Express.

23. Live Lady bugs

Know someone with a serious bug phobia? Well then you’ve got the perfect subject for this seriously cruel prank. Ship someone 1,500 live lady bugs! When they open it up, they’ll probably get everywhere. Might be a good idea to have them open this outside.

24. Prank Romantic Bear

his bear is all cuddles and sunshine until the person you sent it to realizes that it won’t stop singing. It will literally play a song for about 3 hours or more until the battery dies out or it’s destroyed. Fun!

25. Send a coconut

This service will mail a coconut to anyone, fresh from the tree. This prank would go awesomely with the sand box prank (above) especially if you tell your friend you’re sending them on a tropical vacation and all they get is a coconut and a pile of sand on the floor.

26. Send a brick

This website’s slogan is clever; “because throwing it in their window is illegal” having said that, this would be a fun prank to send to someone just to see how puzzled they are about why you sent it in the first place.

27. Fart in a jar

Yes, this actually exists. You can send anyone fart in a jar and you can even select how terrible it should smell. There’s 8 hour trucker farts, Vegan who tried meat again farts and more.

28. Glitter melon

Send a watermelon to someone, just for laughs. Make it better and send the watermelon filled with glitter so they can’t even eat it. They can also pant the watermelon orange or make it glitery on the outside -theres a lot of options.

29. Fake a Pie

This is for the pie lover in your life. Use the tutorial to create a whole pie, stick in a pie box and mail it off to the recipient. When they open it, it will look real enough but it will become very clear that this pie isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

30. Fake News Stories

Share a fake news story on facebook and see how many people you can get to believe, like or share it. You can create your own custom news story prank to make it look as real and relevant as possible.

31. Scary URL

Send your friend a link to a website that’s totally harmless, but looks incredibly sketchy, illegal and frightening. Shady url will convert any link into one that looks downright dangerous.

32. Mayonnaise filled doughnuts

You can send doughnuts in the mail easily, so turn this treat into a prank. Take take cream filled doughnuts, remove the cream and fill with mayonnaise. Package nicely and ship off to a friend. Yum.

33. Toothpaste filled Oreos

Alternatively, if your partner loves cookies more, send them some toothpaste filled oreos. Just open the package very carefully and seal it shut as if it’s never been opened once you’re done. You can even buy one of those mini oreo packs that holds about 10 cookies. Have them open the package when you skype to see their reaction!

34. Playdough Gum

If you’re sending a care package with multiple things, be sure to incorporate this awesome idea! Take a pack of gum and replace all the gum pieces with slices of playdoh that will fit in each gum wrapper and look just like gum. Evil, but hilarious.

35. Fake Gossip

If you have a friend that loves to get in on the gossip, send them a text message pretending to know something really really juicy. Something like “OMG I’m really not supposed to tell you this, but I just found out something MAJOR and I need to spill the beans. Promise not to tell anyone?”

Quickly follow that text up with, “Sorry, wrong person!” Your friend will go NUTS trying to figure out what the gossip actually is. String them along until the day is over and then reveal it was a prank!

36. Rock Candy

Send someone some rocks! At first glance, they’ll think you just sent them some rocks. But tell them to take a bite out of them and it’s actually candy!

37. Butt hurt care package

If after all your pranking, the other person is upset or irritated with you, send them the best care package ever: the butt hurt care package. It comes with butthurt cream, kleenex for their tears and a glitter cleanup cloth. Perfect.

38. Hair Cut Prank

Get hair extensions that match yours and stick them on. Skype with your partner and pretend to get the urge to cut your hair short. Maybe even get them to dare you to do it. Then when it comes time to snip, snip away at the hair extension and proceed to wig out. Our favorite out of all of these ldr pranks!

39. Hair Dye Prank

Alternatively you could temporarily dye your hair a really crazy color that you know your partner would hate. Prepare to skype together and reveal you’re hilariously ugly hair color. Try to convince them that you’re keeping it.

40. Anonymous Text

Send a fake text message to anyone one the world and pretend to be someone else. You can send them your own version of cat facts, or engage in a very confusing conversation. Totally free!

Those are all of our ldr pranks! We hope that they bring some joy and giggles to you and your long distance friend’s day. Do you have any to add to our list? We’re sure there’s more out there! Comment below with your own ldr pranks!