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So you want to get that special someone in your life the perfect long distance relationship gift but you don’t quite know where to begin? Well, I have good news for you: we’ve gathered some of the most unique gift ideas for long distance relationships and compiled them all into one easy list just for YOU!

Being in an LDR can make your partner hard to shop for, can’t it? If you haven’t shopped yet for special for some special gifts, hopefully this list of Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas will help you find the perfect gift!  Here’s a look at some useful gifts for LDR Couples to consider, as well as a few fun ones to bring some joy to someone far away.

So without further ado, here’s our list of over 100 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for 2017. They’re perfect for anyone! Young or old, romantic or sensible -even you pranksters out there can find the perfect gift for the person you love!

101 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For 2017!

1. Send them a box full of love & joy.

Give a gift they won’t forget. Started by siblings after they filled a box with sixty years of memories for their Mom’s 60th, they believe a gift should be something special, memorable and wonderful to create that happy feeling that we all love so much. NoteCube is a box filled with beautiful notes you’ve written for someone special. Fill it with memories, kind words, inside jokes or anything you desire. Notes are written on the website and once the last note has been submitted, they’ll send them in a stylish keepsake box <3. (photo source)

2. Send them a cut out card

Let them know how much you miss and love them by sending them something beautifully hand-cut, just for them! These cards are so colorful and amazing to look at. Sending the same old cards to your partner all the time can get boring, but these cards will bring some serious joy and cheer to your sweetheart’s day. (photo source)

3. Send a Wooden Photo Collage

Get a custom photo or photo collage printed on long lasting wood. This is a ridiculously good gift idea for guys, who seem to love textiles like wood and leather. You can upload any photo and create a timeless gift that will last forever. (photo source)

4. Turn Your Photo into a Painting

Years ago, having a hand painted photo of yourself symbolized power, status & importance. It served as a timeless family keepsake, passed on from generations to generations. Did you know that you can have someone hand paint a photo of you (or the person of your choice) today too? This is an incredible gift idea, to immortalize your love & tell that special someone “You’re so important, I had someone hand paint you!” (photo source)

5. Send some scented jewelry

Who says we can’t send scents from across a distance? This company sure doesn’t think that way. In fact they’ve created a seriously amazing way to fuse jewelry and smells together into one. They have jewelry for both men and women so you can find out your partner’s favorite smell and send them a sweet dose of nose AND eye candy. (photo source)

6. Send them a giant fortune cookie

Who doesn’t love the deliciousness of a fortune cookie? We know not anyone. Send your special love bug a giant fortune cookie with a custom message inside. This is a perfect idea for a bad day, and there’s tons of different cookie combinations to choose from. (photo source)

7. Send them some stunning roses

There’s nothing better than getting a flower delivery from your bae. I mean, you know your S/O is pretty AMAZING when they can send you flowers from across the continent. Why not send them the world’s most STUNNING roses with an eco-friendly backstory to boot!  (photo source)

8. Create a Photo book of memories

If your partner is really really down in the dumps about the distance, and it’s really hard on them one of the best things you can do is to send them something they can look at everyday for inspiration. The happy, colorful photo books you can create on this website will bring much needed smiles to their face when you just can’t be there. P.S. GET 55% OFF everything plus free U.S. standard shipping until 11/29/17 (photo source)

9. Send them a blooming flower

Sent flowers to your partner already? looking for more unique ways to bring some ‘bloom’ to their day. How about these tea blooms? They’re flowers that double as teabags. You place them in water and they bloom and open as the steep -PERFECT for the long distance lover. (photo source)

10. Send them the gift of cocktails

Get craft cocktails curated by the best bartenders delivered to and your partner’s doors so you can share a drink from a distance. Easily one of our favorites on this list, each month they will send you one box containing all the ingredients and instructions to create two different cocktails, each portioned for two. (photo source)