As someone in a long distance relationship, you completely know the perils of long distance telephone calls. Whether you’re chatting from skype, voxer or your ever reliable smartphones, chances are you’ve had your share of technical difficulties.

There’s so much that can go wrong! Dropped calls, missed calls, trying to time and schedule things so that you actually can talk. And of course the fact that all you really CAN do is talk can be quite daunting

With so many issues that can come up, the last thing you need is for your phone calls or skype sessions to become boring and flat.

We recently received an advice inquiry from a couple who were having trouble with their phone calls. Being LDR, all they did was talk and it just got to the point where every phone call they shared was monotonous because they had talked basically about everything.

If chatting together from a distance is your primary form of communication (and it is for most couples,) then monotonous, boring conversation is definitely not something that you want. After all, the longevity of your relationship depends on you NOT feeling bored with one another even if you’ve talked about everything you can possibly think of.

If you’re having trouble keeping your conversations afloat, you’ll love this infographic that outlines 5 ways to bring life back to your phone calls with your long distance S/O!

5 ways to bring life to your phonecalls ina long distance relationship