5-mind-blowing-ways-distance-tests-your-relationshipBeing in a long distance relationship is an incredible opportunity to show how strong your relationship really is.

Far from easy, it’s a crazy roller-coaster full of ups and downs that really put your relationship to the test.

The saying is that if you can survive a long distance relationship together, then you know that you and your spouse are in it to win it for the long haul even after distance is over!

Here’s 5 Mind Blowing Ways Distance Tests Your Relationship. How do you and your love match up?


 The No-Cheat Test

A long distance relationship is the perfect chance for you and your spouse to prove how loyal you really can be to each other. It’s the ULTIMATE test!

If you can be loyal to your spouse (even when you feel tempted to cheat or bond with someone else) in a long distance relationship, there’s no doubt that you can make it work when you’re together!

number2The Love Expression Test

When you’re far apart, you and your spouse both have to find new ways to express affection. And it isn’t just spending money on gifts or sending each other trinkets in the mail.

True love doesn’t mean spending money on each other or simply saying “I love you.” It’s so much more than that. If you and your spouse can continue to make each other feel warm and fuzzy while apart, there’s no doubt that your love is meant to be.

number3The Teamwork Test

You can’t survive a long distance relationship without some measure of teamwork. A realtionship is made up of 2 people working together -not one person calling all the shots and doing all the work.

You need teamwork to coordinate phone calls, date nights, and times when you’ll meet up. You’ll need to work together to make sure that you talk out your issues so you’re always on the same page and your relationship doesn’t suffer.

If you and your spouse can work together to keep your relationship strong despite the distance, then finally being together will be a piece of cake!

number4The Test of Sacrifice

When you’re in a real, loving relationship, there should never be just one person making sacrifices. If your spouse isn’t willing to make sacrifices for you while you’re far apart, what are the odds that he/she will when you’re together?

A long distance relationship is the time when you pull out all the stops to keep your spouse, because the reality is that distance can tear them away from you at any time for any reason. Consider what your partner does for you while you are apart their very best -and don’t expect more than that when you’re together.

If they’re willing to make sacrifices for you now, when they can hardly see you and miss you painfully, you can bet that they’ll be just the same when you’re together.

number5The Honesty Test

Being in a long distance relationship requires that both partners be totally, completely open with each other about their lives, the people in it and what they’re doing while they’re off alone all day.

It takes an incredibly secure person to share this much about themselves with another person. And it takes an incredibly powerful amount of love to be totally, 100% open with your partner.

Without total honesty, a long distance relationship will fail because too many things will have been hidden. But if you and your spouse are best friends who can tell each other anything, you’re relationship is sure to last!

What would you add to this list? Comment below with other ways that distance can test your relationship!