10-simple-things-long-distance-couples-that-stay-together-do-everydaySome long distance couples make it look so easy. They’re long distance, sure, but looking at their Instagram photos kind of gives the impression that they’re barely long distance at all.

They get to see each other often (at least it looks that way,) and their relationship seems pretty easy, especially when compared to yours. Yet, their long distance relationship is 200 miles farther!

Their long distance relationship may look effortless, but don’t be fooled! Instagram photos only show the pretty smiles and good moments of a relationship, but there’s a ton of work that goes into making a relationship that spans across continents successful! Its not all sunshine and roses, believe us!

So how do they do it? We know the SECRET and it’s really SIMPLE to do. Want in on the details? Here’s 10 things you can do every day to make your relationship last through the distance and beyond:


number1Love each other 210%

Before you get into a long distance relationship, you know that you love your spouse immeasurably and that you’re totally committed before the distance even starts.

There’s no doubts, and very few worries. You know that you and your bae have totally got this.


number2Never be angry at the same time

Married couples know that you’ll never get anywhere if both you and your partner are angry.
Anger makes you say things you totally didn’t mean and if both of you are angry -that’s a whole other can of worms. So even if it means taking a break and continuing the conversation later, you try never to solve anything when you’re both angry.


number3If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your spouse

You just can’t win every battle and successful couples know this one more than anyone. Sometimes you have to just give in to keep the relationship from crumbling. Some people may feel like this is a big no-no, but as long as one person isn’t always caving, there’s really nothing wrong with giving your sweetie a free “win an argument” pass -especially if it makes them happy.


number4Openly admit when you’re wrong and ask for forgiveness

On the flip side, sometimes problems pop up because you did something wrong. I mean, nobody is perfect so its bound to happen sometimes. Power couples know that when you’ve totally screwed up and annoyed your spouse, it takes more love and courage to openly admit it than it does to hide it.


number5Absolutely never bring up mistakes from the past

We all make mistakes. To err is to be human, but no one wants it rubbed in their face over and over again. I’m pretty sure you don’t either. So if you can help it, try not to bring up the past.Successful long distance couples know this is a golden rule, since doing this can put a real barrier between you and your spouse which, honestly, can only make the distance so much worse.


number6Never go to sleep, end a video chat or phone call angry

There’s a seriously amazing proverb which says to never go to sleep without settling an issue or with an angry heart. I mean, really, who wants to go to bed angry and then wake up the next morning to chat up your spouse but you’re both in that awkward good-but-not-good mood?Good couples, long distance or not, settle their differences before they say goodbye so that the next time they see each other, they’re not seething with anger from the last encounter. Much nicer, don’t you think?



number7Neglect the whole world, but never each other

We get it, you have a life. Everyone has a life, we’re all busy. But a long distance pair that neglect each other, miss planned dates and basically blow each other off is the couple that won’t make it. Power LDR Couples? They know how to make their spouse feel like the center of the universe from 2,00 miles away. Boss.


number8Say at least one kind thing to each other everyday

Speaking of making your spouse feel like they are your world, long distance couples that frequently give their partners positive affirmation are 50% more likely to make their relationship last through the distance any beyond. What? Yep. Turns out saying “you did an amazing job” and “I love you immensely” actually makes people happy which makes them feel more loved. Go figure.


number9Visit each other, get physical as often as possible

You know that amazing Instagram couple who live 1,000 miles apart but are constantly in photos together? They’re doing it right. Successful couples (like you) know that there’s really no substitution for the physical time that they spend together.

Being in an LDR without visiting is like working in construction and not taking a bath for a week. You’re going to feel gross, neglected and just plain unhappy. VISIT EACH OTHER.



number10Take things a day or a moment at a time, together

The wisest, most successful couples have mastered the “day at a time” approach. Have you ever heard the saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well, successful long distance couples aren’t looking for the forest -they just want to focus on the tree.

Instead of completely focusing on how much distance time is left, or what big insurmountable obstacles they have to face to be together, they take their relationship one day at a time. Focus on each day and each happy little moment and you and your spouse will survive the distance for sure!