Long distance relationship or not, every couple fights and every couple has disagreements. Unfortunately, sometimes those disagreements aren’t so quickly resolved.

How annoying is it when you and your partner fight and it seems never ending? You know you’re not the wrong one, but your partner insists they’re the one who’s in the right.

Well, the truth is if neither of you get up and apologize, nothing is going to get better. The fight will drag on and on without an resolution -or even worse, start to eat away at your relationship because you never fixed what was wrong. LDRs are relationships where you never want to let an argument get between you, literally!

So, even if you’re 100% right (and your partner is dead wrong,) lets look at some reasons why you should just go ahead and forgive them already!

1. They’re one of your best friends.

Undoubtedly, your significant other is one of your best friends. They are always there for you when you need them (and when you don’t), they always support you, and they give you unconditional love.

We know it is the worst feeling when you’re arguing with your partner and all you want to do is go to your partner for support (because you do with other problems) but you can’t because they are the one you are fighting with. When you just let it go and forgive them, you get your best friend attitude back too.

2. It really isn’t worth it.

Being in a long distance relationship, you already know how many struggles there are, I don’t need to tell you that. Why add another one to the list? Going on and on about how the other one was wrong is not going anywhere, and clearly just adding a lot more stress to your relationship. You both already miss each other which is hard enough; so focus on helping that rather than pointing fingers at who was wrong.

3. You probably aren’t even fighting about the same thing you started fighting about anymore.

Many times in an argument you start fighting about one thing and then within the next twenty minutes you are fighting about something completely different. This is a sign that you both are probably just stressed and not actually mad at each other. You are just finding loopholes to let your anger out. A lot of the time you can’t even remember what you started arguing about in the first place!

Stop, take a few minutes to remember what you’re actually upset about. Many times it’s not even your significant other that is making you mad, so instead of fighting with them, vent to them!

4.  Only they can relate to how it feels to miss you.

One of the worst things about fighting in a long distance relationship is knowing that you can’t just go over and hug or kiss them to end the fight or vice versa. That makes the fight seem ten times worse than it really is.

You get frustrated because you try to make things better, but it doesn’t seem to work! All you can think about is, “If I could kiss them right now all of this would be over!” Your partner is the one who knows how frustrating that feels, especially because they might also be trying to do the same thing.

If one of you just stops, explains how stupid the fight is, how hard the long distance makes it, and that you think the fight should end, then it probably will much easier and calmer for you both.

5. They are not intentionally trying to make you mad.

Your significant other always wants the best for you. They never want to make you mad, sad, or upset. They are probably one of the few people who actually wants to make you most happy in your life actually.

In the midst of a fight all we can think of is how mean the other person is being and we basically have tunnel vision. It becomes really hard to stay calm and see the other person’s intentions. It is important to remember that they are just expressing their opinion and in no way are trying to hurt you.

In the end, the fights usually end up being pointless. Think back to your last fight. You either remember that it was stupid or don’t remember it at all (because it was pointless). So what is the point of wasting precious time fighting with your partner when you could be watching movies, planning future visits, or just having a nice conversation.

Don’t waste your time over something stupid. Remember whats really important and just forgive them already!