1. Out of all the people in the world, does he really like me?

This one is classic. You’ve found the most amazing person ever. You feel so lucky to be dating them. He could have chosen anyone in the entire world and he chose you. Then you get to thinking, “Wait, this amazing person likes me?!” Trust us, they do!! They wouldn’t be willingly in a long distance relationship if they didn’t! Relax, push those insecurities away and just enjoy your relationship.

2. I wonder if one day he’ll plan one of those cute surprise visits for me?

A dream for all LDR couples: Your significant other showing up at your doorstep or at your school unexpectedly. We all have to admit we’re dying for that to actually happen one day (and hopefully someone will record it too-but we’re not being too picky!).

3. Are my long distance relationship themed posts too cheesy?

You love showing off you relationship on social media, as does everyone! Your posts specifically though tend to have some “LDR” related themes to them. “Am I too cheesy for adding the number of miles between us in my Instagram caption?” Nah, Its cute, don’t worry!

4. Is my family pushing him away?

You want your partner to love everything about you, including your family. Sometimes that family may be a little too overprotective or maybe a little goofy (in your mind!). Then you start worrying that your significant other is weirded out or feeling pressured by your family. But don’t worry, he’s in this relationship for you and if he really likes you he’ll stay regardless.

5. What does his family think of me?

This is a pretty normal question for any relationship. But, when you factor in the fact that you live so many miles away from them the pressure comes on even more to make a good impression- through the computer! You can’t help but wonder what is really going on in their minds when the Skype call ends.

6. Does he talk about me often?

You can’t help but wonder, does he talk about me to people in his life? And would he talk about me more if I lived closer? You don’t blame him for how much he talks about you, but you’re curious!

7. Am I too affectionate to him when we’re together?

You miss him so bad that when you’re finally together you can’t take your hands off of him. Actually you can’t take your hands off of each other. It is not just you, we assure you he can’t take his hands off of you either. Take advantage of the time you have and don’t question if you’re giving “too much” affection.

8. Does he get sick of having Netflix Skype dates every weekend?

When you don’t have many date options, you tend to repeat the same ones over and over. In a long distance relationship one of the best dates you can have is watching Netflix together. You love it, but then you get to wondering if he is loving it as much as you do.

9. It is the 21st century, why can’t my internet connection hold a video call?

Internet is our worst enemy in a long distance relationship. Glitchy sound, frozen videos, and dropped calls. They all make us want to pull our hair out. You think about what year it is and feel so frustrated when you realize how un-evolved internet connection really is.

10. Was finding my significant other destiny, luck, or something else?

You feel like being able to find your soulmate despite the distance is extremely incredible. So you wonder what was it that brought us together? We may never know the answers, but we’re just happy that it happened!

What do you secretly wonder about your LDR? Share your thoughts in the comments!