Everyone in a long-distance relationship knows how much of a difference being physically next to your partner can make.  Some people who haven’t experienced LDRs may take their partner’s physical presence in their life slightly for granted.

Being in a LDR poses its challenges, with fighting and arguments being one of them. I don’t know about you, but fighting with my boyfriend over text irritates me. And when we’re FaceTiming and we suddenly have an argument, it’s so hard to communicate, even though he can see me and I can see him.

The power of touch and feeling each other’s energy plays a huge role in overcoming and working through the tough moments with your loved one.  So what can long-distance lovers do to overcome the fighting whilst physically being away from each other?

Here are some things to think about just in case you’re stumped and need a solution so you and your love can come to a resolution!

Just because you’re far away, doesn’t mean the arguments can’t be resolved

Hiding from your computer or throwing your phone to the other side of the room won’t make the problem go away. Though you’re not physically with your love, they’re also affected from your argument and most likely not liking the way they feel after fighting with you. So bite the bullet, call your love and work things out!

Saying snide and hurtful remarks to one another doesn’t solve your problem

We’re all guilty of saying something harsh or something we don’t really mean to our loved one when we ‘re in a fit of rage. Saying things out of anger can be a by-product of frustration or not getting our way in a fight. How would you react if your loved one said something to you that wasn’t very nice and it wasn’t true? It wouldn’t feel very nice, right? So try to be the bigger person and not resort to name-calling or saying hurtful things. Try to be more conscious on resolving the argument with your lover.

Your long-distance love is no doubt feeling as frustrated as you are

There are two people in your relationship – you and your loved one. So don’t think that you’re the only one feeling the brunt of an argument. So just try and think how they feel, how you feel and how much better it would be if you could just get back on track with your love. Be mindful of their feelings and try and find a solution!

Communication is key

You’re already disadvantaged by not being able to work things out in-person with your loved one. So it’s like you need to rely on your other strengths besides the power of touch to overcome your argument.

Effective communication will express yours and your love’s concerns, thoughts, emotions. It will eliminate miscommunication. It can bring out the truth or things that you may have never thought your love would be thinking. Remember that being vulnerable to your loved one can be a beautiful thing. Honesty is key. Don’t be afraid to tell your lover how you truthfully feel.