Writing a love letter is the ultimate way to invest in your relationship and show your spouse that you care. In a world where we are all busy and every minute counts, taking the time to write a single heartfelt letter of love is a truly romantic way to tell someone “I love you”

But not everyone is skilled in the art of letter writing. Maybe you get intimidated by the thought of writing, or maybe you just have zero idea of exactly what to write about. You can surf the web for hours and still never find that perfect love letter idea that fits your s/o.

Never fear! We’ve created the ultimate list of love letter prompts to make writing your heartfelt thoughts to your spouse a million times easier. And get this – they’re all FREE!


Provided in this printable kit are 52 love letter ideas ranging from the simplest ideas to the most heartfelt. From these printables you can create 1 love letter for every week of the year! Send one to your partner each week, give 4-5 at the end of each month or save them up for a big burst of love at the end of the year!

Writing love letters just got a lot easier with our 52 printable love letter ideas! Remember: No one is looking for perfection in a love letter. Just use the prompts, write what is in your heart, and your spouse will love every word!

We’d love to see the love letters you create for your spouse. Send them to us @ldrmagazine on instagram (#52loveletters) or send them to us on facebook and we’ll share your love letters with the community!


Download the printables below! Free for personal & non-commerical use only!

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