100,000 miles; that’s how far your partner, best friend and sidekick is from you. You spend countless nights alone, away from the one special someone who can make your half-life whole again, hanging onto the hope of someday being together once again.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you likely can relate to this scenario. There are millions of couples out there with countless stories just like yours – couples who are somehow able to stay in love despite being separated by distance.

This is a brave feat, something to be really proud of since most people would not dare tackle an obstacle this great! But just because it’s possible to love from a distance doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Needless to say maintaining a relationship where two people are cities, states, countries or oceans apart does not come easily. Distance can easily pull couples apart and while you are still “together” in heart, distance may no longer allow you to be as close as you were before it came into the equation.

Do you and your other half have trouble feeling close to one another while being miles apart? Aren’t you tired of working hard to stay close to one another and STILL feeling like you’re far apart?

You’ll be excited to know that we’ve asked hundreds of long distance couples like you to give us THEIR tips on how they manage to stay super close despite the distance between them. The stellar tips they gave us are proven to work and have helped many couples to keep their sanity and a close bond in their long distance relationships!

Keep reading to find FIVE easy, foolproof ways to stay SUPER close in a long distance relationship.

Tip #1: Work with what you have: Communicate more frequently!

Traditional relationships rely on things that you and other persons in long distance relationships can’t: Physical Touch, eye contact, voice and body cues. So to make up for what the relationship lacks, you have to compensate for what you don’t have by working with what you’ve got!

The best thing you can do to get closer while you’re apart is to talk all the time! Talk about your day, your dreams, your goals, your hopes, your fears and embarrassments regardless of how boring or weird they may seem to you.

Here are the top, most common suggestions from LDR couples who are doing just that and making their ldr work through increased communication!

We Facebook message throughout the day and skype a couple times a day as well. We communicate throughout the day and I love that. I also send him photos throughout the day which helps me in the way it makes it feel he is here sometimes – Julie, AU & Lawrence, USA

We text and call each other just about everyday. We love to Skype or Oovoo each other, although with the time difference and our schedules, it does not happen as often as we would like. – Ansley, Georgia USA & Brock, Missouri  USA

Texting is our big thing. Constantly texting! We Skype every night as well, and call each other when we feel like it. We never allow a lack of communication because we feel clingy or silly. We just let it all out! – Sarah, Missouri USA & Johnathan, Tennessee USA

We text every chance we get. And we also use Facetime and Snapchat. We always let each other know where we’re going so we know what’s going on in each other’s lives. I absolutely love Facetime because not only do I get to hear his voice but I get to see his face! – Amber, South Carolina USA & Robbie, Connecticut USA

We text all the time and Skype whenever we can. I wish that I could be right there next to him in person but we have to deal with Skype and other things for the time being. It’s what we have to do for now and I’m cool with it. As tough as it may be. – Cecilia, Texas USA & Alex, Washington USA

 Tip #2: Compensate for what you don’t have: AKA Skype Dates!

So you can’t rely on physical things like touching, kissing and holding! You can do the next best thing: Skype dates, phone calls and interacting with each other the best way that you can. Set aside a time where you can both be together the way you would if you were physically together. You’ll be so caught up in each other that you’ll almost forget that you’re miles and miles apart.

Here’s what our ldr couples had to say on the matter:

We are constantly on Skype. In fact, we pretty much are on Skype together whenever we are home. We eat dinner together, watch movies, and even have study dates. It’s just so nice to feel like he’s there, even if it is just through my computer screen. Plus, we can see each other every day! Talking every day is really important to keeping the relationship alive and strong and keeps us feeling connected even with so many miles between us. – Sierra, Florida USA & Evan, North Carolina USA

Michael and I text constantly. We have used apps such as Couple and Between. Snapchat is fun to do while we’re both at work. Skype and FaceTime are the true relationship savers, though. We use them to have “dates”, watch Netflix together, or just hang out; in fact, we are FaceTiming as I type this. Rachel, Georgia USA & Michael, California USA

We make time for each other. Whether it is an all-day skype date when we both have off work, a quick call to say good night, or even skyping with him and his roommate. – Tabitha, Florida USA & Ray, California USA

I often spend my nights skyping him for hours while my friends are at frat parties. I lose myself in conversations with him and we can talk for hours. – Justine, New Jersey USA & Rob, California USA

Skype is amazing! I feel like I’m on a little date when we get to Skype. We have even picked a movie and watched it together over Skype. It’s great 🙂 – Andrea, Boston USA & Mike, Philadelphia USA

 Tip #3: Do what you would do normally: Sleep “together”!

There’s no escaping the countless nights spent alone in bed, wishing you could snuggle up to that special someone. For now, that’s not an option for you. Surprisingly, some inventive ldr couples have figured out a simple way to deal with the night time loneliness by sleeping together on skype: that is, the act of skyping while you are both hunkering down for the night.

Don’t believe us? Check out the comments from real ldr couples below:

A very sweet thing if possible is to fall asleep with skype video on….it almost feels like you are falling asleep next to your love. –  Julie, AU & Lawrence, USA

We Skype every night before bed. And if we both happen to have the same day off we’ll Skype in the morning or early afternoon as well. Also if one of us isn’t going to be home to Skype we always make it a point to call and say goodnight on the phone. – April, Texas USA & Eric, California USA

Most of our conversations are over Skype though. We Skype everyday and on the days we can we will sleep together over Skype.Lauren, USA & Alexander, Germany

We FaceTime. All. The. Time. Every single day (if we can) and we sometimes leave the cameras on when we sleep just to get that feeling of being with each other.Morgan, USA & Sian, England

 Tip #4: Keep the excitement in your relationship: Send Gifts!

Did you know, that one of the leading causes of break-ups in long distance relationships is a lack of spark or excitement? Over time, loving across the miles can sometimes start to bland, routine and inescapable. After all, it’s mighty hard to keep a relationship alive and kicking, when the most excitement you may possibly get is a phone call or a skype date and after time even those things can start to feel like it’s just a part of the routine.

Long distance relationships need spark & excitement just like any other! That is why sending gifts to one another via mail is one of the biggest, most popular ways to surprise your  love with something special. You never know what you’re going to get inside each package, you know that it was sent to you with love and it’s guaranteed to make both you and your other half feel special!

But don’t take our word for it!

For special occasions we try to send little packages and such, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It keeps us close. Cecilia, Texas USA & Alex, Washington USA

And just recently we’ve started sending things to each other. Mix CDs, cute little things we know the other will like, sweet little letters, we’re both artists so we like to draw things for each other as well. Things like that. – April, Texas USA & Eric, California USA

We send gifts for birthdays and holidays! I love getting a package because it makes you feel so special. Lauren, USA & Alexander, Germany

We keep in touch by using Facebook and Skype, and every 2 months we will send each other stuff by using post service. – Violet, Thailand & Trenton, USA

 Tip #5: Express your love fully: Write Love Letters!

It might sound silly, but love letters, not emails or text messages, are very special. Maybe it’s being able to see the curves of your partner’s handwriting, or the way the letter is so carefully decorated or pieced together. Maybe it’s just the humanness of it all, together with the heartfelt words of love your partner may have written to you.

Whatever the reason, physical love letters are special and can make a world of difference in your relationship. This is even more so if you have not had the opportunity to meet yet –a love letter is a physical manifestation that someone out there really does love you.

So give it a try! These couples have:

When we first started dating we skyped CONSTANTLY but we also set up this cute little thing where we would send each other a letter over the mail every month on the 10th. We probably did that for almost a year until he visited me for the first time and then we stopped but I still have the letters and love to pull them out and read them.Hillary, Canada & Dylan, USA

Lately, we’ve been writing more letters than anything, which makes me happy. It’s so much more personal than a text.Zoë, Virginia USA & Alex, Wisconsin USA

Within the past year, I have spent a lot of my time sending him cards, hand written letters, care packages, ect. in the mail just as a reminder for how much I love him. That’s my favorite way to talk while he’s gone. It feels so fuzzy inside when I get a text from him saying he got something from me in the mail. I love how happy it makes him.Jade, USA & Ryley, Australia

We text and send pictures, FaceTime and Skype. We have written letters back and forth and of course we call regularly. We both prefer the phone call than text even if we are just sitting on the phone not saying anything. – Jaqlyn, Montana USA & Mark, Idaho USA

 Following these 5 simple tips is a foolproof way to jump-start that feeling of closeness in your relationship.

These aren’t just our tips, these are YOUR tips –tips from ldr couples who are either dealing with distance now or have already met their goal of closing the distance!

So what do you and your partner do to stay close? Did we miss anything you think should be on this list? Comment below & share your brilliant tips with us!