Amazing LDR Goals That Have Nothing to do with closing the distance pinWe all want to close the distance and get rid of “the space between” for good. But until then, how about seeing how many of these meaningful long distance relationships goals you and partner have already reached?

1. Figuring out how to say I love you, without any words, from hundreds or thousands of miles away. That takes some serious skill, but it’s possible!

2. Realizing how totally boss you are, for snagging such a sexy guy/gal who is willing and able to love you even when they’re hardly ever with you.

3. Recognizing that your intense love for each other + the distance results in crazy angry moments sometimes. And realizing that it’s totally okay to miss someone so much that it frustrates you.

4. Feeling nothing but love when your s/o does something incredibly stupid, nerdy, moronic or dorky.

5. Creating that one inside joke that nobody would ever get and if they ever heard it, they’d look at you both like you were insane.

6. Creating your own couple-lingo or catch phrases that perfectly describe things in only a way that the two of you understand.

7. Actually getting to a point where you skype or call each other regularly without missing a beat.

8. Creating your own couple holiday, or month-saries that you celebrate together.

9. Being able to see each other though, video chat or pictures, without too much worry about how either of you look. UGLY MORNING PICS LEVEL ACHIEVED.

10. Reaching 100+ texts back and forth in a single day, because you’re just that connected.

11. Getting featured on an LDR instagram account & sharing your amazing love story with couples around the world!

12. Coming up with a totally amazing Proximity list together!

13. Saying the exact same thing, at the same time because you spend so much time together that your personalities have basically combined and merged into one.

14. Reaching that point where you’re eerily connected in all sorts of little areas in your life. “I was so craving jalapeno pizza today.” “What? Me too!”

15. Realizing that neither of you would be content with or even want anyone else, because you’re exactly what you both have always wanted and you’re totally amazing together.