6 Reasons Why Couples Who Survive Long Distance Have The Strongest Relationships EVER pinThere are some serious perks to surviving a long distance relationship, and not just having that badge of honor for beating it. Distance is like boot camp for any relationship and when you finally come together to close the distance for good, your relationship is all kinds of ripped.

If you’ve survived the distance, you should have a real sense of pride knowing that you and your partner had the will to make it last. in fact, we’d even go so far as to say that your relationship is way stronger than the norm because of the distance. And while being LDR was hard, we should really thank it for making our relationships so much more stable and awesome.

Here’s 6 reasons why couples who survive a long distance relationship have the strongest relationships EVER!


1. You are extremely communicative about what you need

Because you’ve been in a long distance relationship, your partner was away from you for an extended period of time. Distance forced you to learn that communication is important since it was really the only way you could stay connected. And when the only way to talk for a while is through text, chat and the occasional video chat -you knew how important it was to communicate your emotions, concerns and wants to your partner to keep things from breaking down. And that affects your relationship now, even after distance.

2. You’re a boss when it comes to arguments or fights

Long distance fights are the worst! But you’ve learned how to get through them without a big bad break up. Whether it’s defusing the issue, or taking a step back to calm down -you’ve got it down to a science. If you can handle a fight from thousands of miles apart, it’s really a piece of cake once you’re together!

3. You’ve already done the hard part of working to stay together

Other couples may crumble at the first sign of an obstacle, but not you. You’re an LDR veteran, you’re a real pro. You’ve already survived 2 years and 5,000 miles of separation on top of all the normal relationship problems. You’ve been working hard to stay together and now that you are together? It’s smooth sailing from here.

4. You know each other on a seriously deep level

All that talking had to do SOMETHING, right? (Because LDR couples spend 90% of their time just talking to each other) And now, you and your spouse are totally tuned in to each other on a super deep level. You know more about each others lives and backgrounds than you maybe knew about other people you’ve dated or even your family.

5. You’re positive your relationship can stand up to anything

Being in an LDR instantly brings up so many issues with jealousy, honesty, distrust and insecurity. Not including all the other relationships problems that can pop up. If you can survive distance, you know that your relationship can survive anything because you’ve already bulldozed your way through the worst and successfully navigated the impossible landscape of an LDR together.

6. You know how to keep the passion alive

Some people think that LDRs are boring, that we just sit behind a computer screen staring into an empty reflection of someone who isn’t there. Oh, how wrong they are. If its one thing LDR couples know how to do, its keep things passionate and exciting even in the midst of distance. Once we’re together with our bae or boo? Sparks fly & boredom is not a word in our vocabulary.

Is this YOUR relationship? Did we miss any reasons? Comment and share your thoughts!