You may have seen our list of 101 Open When Letter Topics. If you have, you may be looking for open when letter examples to help give you ideas about what to put inside your letters. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! If you’re a person who needs visual inspiration, this post is for you.

This is a visual list of 35 open when letters made by real people like you. We’ve scoured the web in search of the most inspirational letter designs and ideas just for you. If nothing else, these letters show that love comes in many forms and that open when letters are a perfect way to express that love to whoever it is you care about. Lets go!


These open when letters come from Gianna:

“Open When” letters I made for my boyfriend to take with him when he leaves for Afghanistan next month. Letters and other little surprises inside to keep him looking forward to opening the next one!

Open when.. You can’t sleep / You’re bored / You’re thinking of  our future together / You miss me / You miss your family / You’re horny / You’re angry / You want to feel appreciated / You need a good laugh / You’re having a bad day / You need to know how much I love you / You’re finally coming home / You need motivation / It’s deployment day!

These open when letters come from Taylor:

I made 21 “Open When” Letters for my long-distance boyfriend’s 21st birthday. When I can’t be there in times of need, my words will be.

Open when… You feel far apart / You want to reminisce / You need motivation / The Cleveland Browns Lose / You’re worried about your future / You’re confused or can’t decide / I’ve just left you after visiting / You’re jealous / You need to Laugh / You need to know how much I Love you / You feel insecure / You’ve doubted yourself / You need to know how proud I am / It’s your Birthday / You’re annoyed with me / I’m in a bad mood (sorry) / You miss me / You’re thinking about our future / You need some lovin’ / You need a hug.

These open when letter examples come from Mary Allia Endredi:

These are the open when letters I made for my long distance boyfriend for christmas.

You need support / You are jealous / You are happy / You feel far apart / You have doubts / Its September 1st / I just left you after visiting / You are sick / You want to know how happy you make me / You miss me / You need to hear a story / You’re angry or upset / Things get rough / You are stressed / You imagine our lives together / You’re mad at me or we get into a fight / You need a confidence boost / You’re having a bad day.

These open when letter examples come from Shunn:

“I’ve had this Open When Letters idea for a long time (thanks Pinterest!), and my best friend’s 25th birthday seemed to be the perfect moment to try it out. “

In this letter she included: a letter,  10 things I love about you, a special BFF mix CD,  a heart shaped lollipop,  friendship pictures and e-cards, and  homemade heart shaped confetti.

These open when letter examples come from Lena Sporn:

“My boyfriend lives in Boston, and I live in Germany, so it’s a long (long) distance relationship. I made this box for him with 10 “open when…” Letters inside.”

This is a really creative idea! She took all of the letters, and put them inside of a box that has her state and the state of her boyfriend connecting. Maybe this is a great idea you can use for your open when letters! Decorate a box to place them inside so it becomes a real keepsake.

Heather Draper: “”Open When” letters I made for my darlin’. I can do this when either of us leave for long periods of time”

Tara Karnes: “Just finished my Open When letters!! So excited!”

Megan Johnson: “My handsome missionary is currently thousands of miles away in the Dominican Republic so I decided to take the time to make these open when letters for him so that he always has a stack of envelopes he can turn to when he needs to hear from me.”

Engel M: “Open when letters for my boyfriend !!!”

Miranda Holsenbeck : “One of my best guy friends is moving to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a pharmacist. I am so proud of him. So I started thinking of a going away present that I get him. I came across these “Open When” letters. I knew I wanted to make these for him…”

Jackie: “This envelope included some funny pictures that we’ve shared with each other, along with a few inside jokes between the two of us.”

Jasmine Elizondo: “I took a different kind of twist when making these letters for my boyfriend. I wanted to make them special so that’s why they look much different than the original open when letters.”

Celeste Jacobs: "Open when letters. Self-made For my love"

Celeste: “Open when letters. Self-made For my love”

Samantha Snyder: "Open when letters that I made for my boyfriend!"

Samantha: “Open when letters that I made for my boyfriend!”

Dee: “It’s my bestie’s 30th birthday today  so I decided to surprise her with 30 “open when” letters.”

Vanessa Dagnino: “Just got together a bunch of pictures wrote cute little notes got a little crafty.. My Marine Loved it so much it brought him to tears!”

Rozaa: “I once saw a picture of such letters and I wanted to make it since a long time. Today I finally did it”

Jacqui: “Deployment count down letters for my Airman! An ” Open When ” letter for 30 different situations like Father’s Day, when he misses hugs, when he misses home cooking, when he needs to smile, when he is sleepy, ect. “

Kay-Lynn: “I made these “open when” letters for my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. I am in love with how they turned out! I included 4-5 pictures inside of each! “

Jess: “Finally finished my ‘open when’ letters for my boyfriend (only took a week and a half :P)! Hopefully this helps makes the distance easier!”

Sasha: “Just did these for my boyfriend who lives in another country – thought it would be meaningful. Also, I did mini gifts to correspond with the cards”

Brianne: “”Open When” Letters I made for Tommy for our 2 year anniversary. I thought these would be good for him to have throughout his last year of graduate school.”

Telanna: “I handmade all these envelopes & cards for my daughter who moved into her dorm at UF. She loves owls & I loved making them for her.”

Carolina: "one letter for each year we've been together."

Carolina: “one letter for each year we’ve been together.”

Amanda: “My rendition of “open when” letters for Kevin for our anniversary this week. I made the envelopes out of scrapbook paper by tracing an unfolded envelope.”

Ashtin: “I decided to do these for Christmas for my grandmother who is fighting ALS. They include open when your frustrated, thankful, angry, etc. each has an inspiring quote and a a picture!”

Lindsey: “Open when envelopes for my man in Paris! Got carried away and made lots. Best idea ever! Would recommend any romantic girlfriend to do it! Not just for long distant relationships.”

Aleksa: “These were so much fun to make, I just wish I would have made them before he left so he could have them the entire time!”

Stephanie: “Saw on Pinterest that people make “Open When” letters. Well, with mine and my boyfriend’s upcoming nine month anniversary, I decided to do it as a gift to him. Twenty in all.”

Perri: "Made some of my own for my boyfriend this Christmas"

Perri: “Made some of my own for my boyfriend this Christmas”

As simple as this gift is, there’s so much heart behind it and thats the reason that we

We hope this list helps you to create your own amazing open when letters for that special someone!