LDRs actually do have benefits that geographically close relationships have to work harder for.  You may have already noticed a few, such as your amazing communication skills and self-reliance.  But there are other, more practical benefits as well.

unexpected_benefits_to_LDR21. Being in an LDR forces you to travel like you always said you would.

Many people like to think about traveling, but rarely do.  Everyday life gets in the way- perhaps school, children or your job makes it impractical, and many people are reluctant to travel by themselves, but maybe you’ll eventually go to a tropical resort someday with your friends.  But once in a LDR, priorities change.  Not only are you traveling, but you are navigating airports and customs all by yourself, like a boss.  You may fear flying and fear getting lost in the airport, but knowing your sweetie will be there waiting for you makes it all worth it.


unexpected_benefits_to_LDR32. Likewise, you have to learn to budget.

All that traveling does add up over time.  And even when your partner visits you, it can become expensive just from all the activities you want to do together.  So, you have to learn to budget and save to make things work.  If you haven’t learned to budget yet, it should be a priority.


3. You learn a lot about geography, culture and history.

This is especially true when your beau is in another country. Your history and geography classes may not have gone into depth about their country, so it helps to seek out information on your own. You may also learn a lot about local history just by taking your sweetie to museums and events when they visit you.


4. You can troubleshoot your computer.

You are not one of those people who rely on others for basic computer maintenance, oh no.  When you can’t get Skype to work, or your internet connection is weak, waiting for someone with free time to take a look at it simply isn’t an option.  Even when you’re not sure where to start, you at least feel empowered to research the issue on your own and you find the answer is just a simple Google search away.


5. You can manage your time.

You can keep your partner’s schedule and time zone in mind when you make plans, ensuring you can talk as often as you want without sacrificing your personal life.  While this doesn’t mean never going out on Saturday nights, you become a pro at juggling friends, school, work and romance, because unlike other couples you can’t really bring your partner along.


6. You become a master of romance.

Well, okay, maybe you never had a romantic bone in your body, and you usually feel like romance is cheesy.  But in an LDR, you make the effort you never did for anyone else.  You can’t cuddle whenever you want to, so to make your partner feel loved, you go the extra mile.  You make playlists for them, you send gifts and even love letters, something many geographically close couples rarely do except for special occasions.  You get creative and crafty, and before long your partner’s friends are jealous of the sweet things you do.