You’re only 30 days away from seeing your long distance love and without them, all your days are seeming gray and dreary. You’re looking for ways to spice up your countdown to love, but ideas are far few and in between.

Never fear! Here’s a really cool, & amazingly gorgeous way to countdown to your next long distance visit! Create an easy DIY countdown tracker to help you countdown to our next big moment together!

All you need to create this work of art is an 8” x 10” inch photo frame to slip these babies into and a dry erase marker! Then you can mark off your loved ones name and the amount of time you have to wait before you can see them again.


Display it prominently on your desktop or wall as a visual reminder that you’re only a few days way from being in the arms of the person you love most! You can download all 9 of these awesome LDR Countdown Trackers for FREE by clicking the download button below!


Aren’t these just awesome looking! Don’t worry, there’s 9 to pick from total, so we’re sure you’ll be able to pick a countdown tracker that works best for you!

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We’d love to see photos of you using these trackers in action! Share them with us on our Facebook page and we’ll share them with our LDR Community!Save