Ever wondered what it’s like to be in an LDR? These 9 GIFs explain it perfectly. See which ones you can relate to!


1. It’s easy to forget how meaningful simple interactions can be. When you’re alone, just about everything reminds you of them.


2. After not talking for a while, just about every conversation begins or ends like this.


4. You have to keep telling yourself that this love is really worth fighting for, because no one else is going to convince you of that but yourself.


5. Sometimes this is the closest thing you can get to a picture of the two of you together!


6. When you’re actually together, you take a million photos of everything.


7. The amount of excitement when you’re away from each other and the other person gets online:


8. When skype, your internet or your computer decide not to cooperate


9. When you finally see each other again after an extended wait: