What is it that makes a long distance relationship a good one? What makes some Long Distance Relationships thrive where others fail? Wouldn’t you like to know?

In the past year we’ve featured many stories from ldr couples who are making their long distance relationship work. They’ve shared their personal experiences and have offered some great advice about how to keep a long distance relationship strong.

We’re taking the best of their advice and compiling it all into a great big guide! You’ll find all of the ‘secrets’ that will help to keep your relationship alive and well.

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Couples who Closed the Distance or are Married/Engaged:

1. Trust each other, be loyal and faithful, be patient, and keep calm. Misunderstandings will happen, because when the words are written (and it’s just text you’re going on), it’s hard to tell whenever someone is joking or not. Misinterpretations are sucky, staying calm and patient is the best way to go in such situations!


2. LDRs are a very heart wrenching thing, not being able to see your lover for whatever amount of time. However, they are not impossible, and extremely rewarding when they work out!


3. Have plans for the future; Without plans, where will it go? Plan to settle down, move in together if you’re both serious like my fiancee and I, or plan to see each other and work something out to stay together.


4. Never stop talking. Talk about everything. The small things, the big things, the things that don’t make sense and that might light a spark. The ones that make you sad and fill you with glee. That’s what LDRs have…the ability to really talk. It’s all we’ve got! USE IT!


5. My advice to other long distance couples is don’t give up. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and once the distance is over you will be so happy you stayed and didn’t give up.


Long Term LDR Couples:

6. The only difference between long distance relationships and close distance relationships are miles. Everything else is just the same, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


7.If there’s any advice I’d have to give, I’d say be OPEN! Be HONEST! And don’t always try to be the perfect person for your significant other. Show them your flaws, so it won’t leave for any surprises.



8. No matter how hard things get, no matter how much you miss each other just remember that everything happens for a reason. This phase will pass, just don’t let your love fade in the process. Hang in there and in the end it’ll be worth it!


9. It is a hard thing being in an LDR, and everyone one copes in different ways. I personally think that you need to keep yourself occupied to take your mind off of missing your partner. I have done a ridiculous amount of reading in the past year.


10. You have to be prepared for some really bad nights when you just cry out of physical loneliness. You have to be prepared for people in your local life to not understand or support your long distance relationship.You need to fight for your relationship because nothing like this will ever come easy or without obstacles.


11. Say “I love you” often. I know you might be afraid of being “clingy” or “repetitive” but I can promise that if your SO really feels the same then there’s no way they’ll think that. It will be welcomed. Everyone likes to know they are loved and precious to someone.


12. Always have faith in each other and always be there for one other no matter how far you are from each other. If you do that you’ll both feel that you’re always by each other’s sides. Always hold on and be strong and believe that everything will work out.



13.I think the main piece of advice I’d give to other LDR couples is to be positive and trust each other. Being negative and insecure about your LDR will only cause more problems. Trust is the sole foundation for a LDR.


14. Make sure you send care packages when you can and just show and tell each other how much you love each other as much as possible, so neither of you has a sliver of doubt.


15.Even though your partner is not with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun. Hang out with your friends or go to a party! Sitting inside alone all day is just going to bum you out.


16. Trust, love and conversation are the key. For a long distance relationship to work you need to be with someone you can trust. If they give you NO reason to not trust them, don’t be ridiculous and become a jealous controlling person without reason.


17. Don’t let the distance get in the way of letting someone know how special they are to you.You have got to be okay with not seeing your significant other for a while. A long time apart with a little time together is better than no time together at all, so make due with it (the best you can).


18. If you ever start to doubt their love for you, just remember that if they didn’t love you and want to be with you they wouldn’t stick around and wait for you. Keep reminding each other how much they mean to you so that they know they mean something to you to make them fight harder for you.


19. NEVER lose hope in your relationship. The distance is only temporary, but the true love you feel for each other is forever.



20. Never give up because “the distance is too much.” Focus on the future and try not to get too caught up in the miles between you.


21. When it gets rough, you have to remember why you are in the relationship in the first place. You have painfully dealt with the distance for someone you absolutely love; you must remind yourself of that and not give up.

– Emily

22. You need to understand that you need to make extra efforts toward each other. If the only opportunity that you have is to communicate via the internet and phone, then you need to put in the research and time to do so.


23. The most important part of being long-distance is for both people to be 100% committed to the other person and the relationship. It takes two people to make it work, and it’s never easy. No excuses; if you really love the other person, you can make it work. It just takes a lot of trust, work, and patience, trust being the most important.



We hope you were able to find some good tips that will help you to strengthen and outlast your long distance relationship.

All of the posters in this post are available for download! Print them out, frame them and keep them as a visual reminder to keep fighting for your relationship.

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Which tips were your favorites? Do you have any of your own tips to share? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!