Hello! My name is Cecilia & my partner’s name is Alex. I live in Texas & my partner lives in Washington. There are 2164 miles of distance between us and this is our story.


How We Met & Became LDR

I was bored one day on MeetMe scrolling through the “everyone” tab and reading numerous posts of guys statuses and looking at the pictures they would post until i came across this picture of a dog! I was honestly just focusing on the dog and i then commented on the picture saying, “PUPPY”.

The next day when I logged back on I saw that the guy that had posted the picture replied back to me and then sent me a private message. We exchanged phone numbers and started texting, of course, talking about the dog. We texted that whole day and then we skyped. I didn’t realize how cute he was until he turned on his camera. I had this thought in the back of my mind that he was something special and i wanted to know everything about him.

As the days passed and when he asked me out 3 days later, we talked constantly and got on Skype every chance we had. We talked about our interests, past experiences and really deep, emotional things. We learned we had a lot in common and both have had really bad past relationships. I knew I was falling hard for him and every day when I learned something new about him I fell in love even more than before.

cecilialex2I met him for the first time in person on June 1st of 2014. Both our parents paid for half of my plane ticket to go visit him and I stayed for about a week there at his house with his family. I had the most amazing time with him and couldn’t believe how happy I was. We watched three seasons of Ghost Adventures together, played Xbox together, went on walks, and played with his two dogs, including the one that brought us together that was in that photo.

I knew I was in love as soon as I arrived back home because I couldn’t stop crying for a few days. He even cried when I walked into the terminal. We were both emotional for a few days but we planned another trip for me to come for two weeks in July of 2014 until mid August. Every time I spend with him always feels like a dream. He is my world and I love him very much.

So far we have been together for 4 months! It feels like we have been dating for 2 years! I want to spend forever with him and he feels the same. I love this boy! He is my world!

How Being Long Distance has Shaped Us

I’ve always been in long distance relationships but this is the first one where the guy actually wants to make it work despite how far apart we may be.

Being in a LDR has made our love stronger and we both have learned a lot about how we can make it work. We both know being far apart is hard but we both love each other to the ends of the earth. As long as we have that deep love for one another, the distance doesn’t seem too bad.

Our Biggest Obstacles

The biggest obstacle is probably timing and money. Plane tickets do not come cheap and its just hard because I’m going to community college and he has a job so of course we won’t have any time to plan anything.

But we overcome things like that by thinking of all ideas that we can to plan another trip and save up money to buy either of us a ticket. We always have great ideas when we get together, so having lots of visits until we close the distance is no problem at all. It just takes time, effort and money but knowing us, it will happen.

What we love about Being LDR

I love knowing that someone 2,000+ miles away from me loves and cares about me. Having that kind of love in your life is something that doesn’t come everyday. I love traveling so to be able to travel somewhere to just see my boyfriend is such a great additive. You get to see new places and meet new people and i get to do that with him by my side!

I always loved the idea of an LDR long before I met Alex but I’d never had one that actually lasted. I was always the one putting more effort into the relationships than the guy ever did. But since I’ve met Alex, I finally have a relationship where both sides are putting in equal effort.

How We Stay Connected

We text all the time and Skype whenever we can. I wish that i could be right there next to him in person but we have to deal with Skype and other things for the time being. Its what we have to do for now and I’m cool with it. As tough as it may be.

For special occasions we try to send little packages and such, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It keeps us close.

Our Advice To Other LDR Couples

If you two really have a deep love and care for each other then you can do it! Just know in the back of your mind that ONE day you two will be together. Also never ever give up on each other and always trust each other too. Never loose each others love. And always remember to stay strong and you both will get through it together.



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