First I want to start off by saying these are absolutely adorable! When first I stumbled onto Sheknows contributor Sandra Denneler’s creations (the first one I ever saw was the mailable cake) I thought she was really clever and choked it up to a once in a lifetime chance encounter with a brilliant idea. We all have those, right?

Boy was I wrong. She’s a genius. Unmistakeably. She has somehow managed to become a very skillful creator of fake mailable foods that double as post cards. It’s so clever! It blew me away the first time I ever saw it. I think it still blows me away.

What surprised me even more is the fact that she has created so many different types of mailable foods. As someone in a long distance relationship this instantly perked my interest because I’m always looking for cute, weird and even wacky things to mail my s/o.

Being far apart from each other makes it kind of hard to throw someone off by surprising them with something strange. And I’m a bit of a prankster so seeing this made me all kinds of happy.

If you’re like me and you want to surprise your partner with say.. a random burrito in the mail (how awesome is that!?) then you’ll love these tutorials that Sandra Denneler has kindly put together so that other people can share in her creativity.

And if you do make and send one of these babies to your partner I would LOVE to hear about the reaction you get from them when you’ve sent it. I imagine it will be priceless. In fact, have them make a video of it. I wanna see that.

To the craftistically challenged: Don’t worry. If you’re really bad at making things or if you don’t have the time, wouldn’t you know you can buy these online? (You can buy anything online these days.) 

Check out these THREE Etsy shops that sell mailable cakes just like Sandra’s. It’s way easier than making them but the reaction from your s/o should be no less priceless.


Etsy Shop

Cake Card

Etsy Shop

Post Cakes

Etsy Shop


Mailable food Tutorials

Mailable Cake Postcard


Mailable Pumpkin Pie Postcard


Ice cream sandwich mail


Mailable Chipotle Burrito


Sugar Cookie Postcard


Waffle Postcard


Images via Sheknows