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“LDRs never work out.” How many times have you heard these words uttered? As persons in long distance relationships, this phrase is not foreign to us we’ve all heard these words at least once.

To be sure, being in a long distance relationship is a real test. A real trial that affects us all physically, mentally and emotionally. It hits us where it hurts the hardest; our hearts. Who would honestly choose to be in a relationship where they can’t hug or kiss someone without hopping aboard a plane and taking a ten hour flight across the world? No one. And yet we do.

“You must be crazy. I could NEVER do that.” It takes a lot of patience and trust to have a relationship like this. You have to trust that your partner has self control, that they aren’t cheating on you or lying to you or breaking your trust in other innumerable ways. You have to restrain yourself to not become overly suspicious, jealous or to get attached to someone close by just because they are closer.

Practicing these things, this measure of self control, helps us to grow as persons. We learn to control ourselves, our wants, our needs, our desires moved simply by the fact that we do not want to break the hearts and trust of the persons we love. Can there be a deeper love than that?

They say that Long distance relationships never work out. But we will fight for our love, because we know that they can.


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My name is Seminole and I’ve been in an LDR for 3 years and counting. I believe there’s nothing greater than being able to love someone NEAR or FAR. I want to share my courage with others!